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Feel the Foodie Love! Yes Chef, No Chef, The Bake off & Baking Love.

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost
Feel the Foodie love! Yes Chef, No Chef, The Bake off & Baking Love.My husband and I like to watch Food Network  and Cooking Channel shows. We like Guy's Grocery Games, we rooted on the home cooks in All Star Academy and enjoy the banter between Ted Allen and the judges on Chopped. And now British author, Susan Willis mixes in the ingredient that's supposed to go into all good cooking: love. She also adds enough spice and heat to make it delicious. How does she do this without even cracking an egg?
Yes Chef, No Chef:
Can kneading bread dough be romantic when your man is behind you nibbling at your ear?
And is it always bad manners to refuse an invite into your hunky neighbour's greenhouse to examine his glorious courgettes? Those are just two of the issues Katie has to wrestle with in this sparkling romantic book from Susan Willis. When Katie's partner Tim lands a dream job as the head chef at a smart London restaurant, he suddenly changes. From the sweet-natured, food loving guy she fell for, he becomes unbearably arrogant. 'Yes Chef, No Chef' respond his cowed assistants as he barks orders at them across a steamy kitchen.
But when he starts thinking he can treat Katie like that as well, she won't stand for it. After a huge row, she walks out on him. With the help of her two close friends she rebuilds her single life, starts a catering business -- and soon discovers she can make a huge success of it.
As the business grows and grows, Tim realises what he has lost when he let her go.
But when he wants her back, Katie does not know what to do.
Will she say 'Yes, Chef.' Or 'No, Chef...' Here is the Amazon U.S. link:
What high profile chef does Tim remind you of? I think of Hell's Kitchen. You figure out who.
And now, a treat in honor of all of those TV cooking competition contestants! When  I think of the good looking cooking show host, I think of Aaron Sanchez or Curtis Stone. Sorry, Alton Brown!
The Bake Off: Feel the Foodie love! Yes Chef, No Chef, The Bake off & Baking Love.
Nicola can't believe it when she is invited to appear in the regional television competition of The Bake Off. Still reeling over her husband leaving her for a slim, pretty twenty-something, she feels her competitive side flair when she meets her main rival - a stunning, skinny, twenty-four year old called Gemma.
Nicola is sure that the jaw-dropping gorgeous presenter, David Chambers, is flirting with her - but she has noticed he has his eye on Gemma as well.
He may be attracted to Gemma's pert figure and flirty laugh, but he can't resist Nicola's delicious cooking.
Is David, our local Foodie as charming as he seems? Or will someone else catch her eye...?
Can Nicola beat off the rest of the competition in The Bake Off? Will she win first prize... and her man?The Amazon U.S. link:
Baking Love:Feel the Foodie love! Yes Chef, No Chef, The Bake off & Baking Love.
Michelle has her hands full. With a teenage daughter to raise, an ex husband to deal with and a bakery to run, she has no time to focus on herself.
In fact for the last two years Michelle has put her heart and soul into her bakery and her new life and the business is going from strength to strength.
Now it’s time to focus on herself. After two years of solid work, Michelle is determined to find time for love after meeting handsome stranger Gregg Davidson.
Gregg is gorgeous, funny and seems to be completely smitten with her. So why does Michelle feel he is holding something back?
Little does she know that Gregg has a secret that threatens not only their relationship but everything she has worked so hard to create. She is about to find out that making love is a lot more complicated than baking love.
The U.S. Amazon link:
Susan Willis lives in the North East of England. For 15 years she has worked as a food-product development manager. She has written three novels, 'Yes Chef, No Chef', 'Love on a Plate' and 'A Taste of Love', and a novella, 'Baking Love', all of which were best-sellers. 
Explore her website here:

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