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Favorite Song Friday: Prince Vs. Bruno Mars (and the Rest of the World)

By Xoxoxoe
Prince, Prince Prince. He's once of those artists that I love, but ... I have to admit that sometimes he is just a bit too much. He recently released a sneak peek at his new song/video, "Breakfast Can Wait." Talk about a hit or miss. The hit part is Prince showing his sense of humor by having Dave Chappelle impersonate his tiny purple majesty on the cover art:
favorite song friday: prince vs. bruno mars (and the rest of the world)
The song, unfortunately, was not quite so impressive. Much has been made of the video for the song being directed by 18 year-old Danielle Curiel, who also impersonates the singer. But unfortunately the rest of the video's visuals — synchronized dancing in '80s-era black spandex, a strangely sexist interaction between a couple "the morning after," — leaves more than a little bit to be desired. Plus, the song sounds a little dated and strange. Prince's falsetto sounds practically helium-enhanced near the end of the song.
Prince isn't the only one trying to recapture the magic of Prince these days. Robin Thicke tries to channel early Prince in his blatantly Prince-like "Give it 2 U". He even rips off Prince's spelling technique, which the Minneapolis musician perfected long before we all started texting. It's O.K. ... but for something fun and sexy I much prefer the real heir to Prince's throne, Prince-ier than Prince himself these days, the über-talented Bruno Mars and his latest song, "Gorilla."

All three videos are on the lame side, but the sexiness and catchiness of "Gorilla" is not to be denied. It's a great song. Check it out, Prince.

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