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FastCompany Covers The New gTLD’s: Highlights Coffee.Club

Posted on the 08 April 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

Fast Company just gave some love to the new gTLD program with a using as one of the success stories

“Instead of having only a few meaningless TLDs like .com, .net, .biz, and country codes like .ly, the organization agreed to usher in a more freeform system: Why not have more specific options like .dentist and .nyc?

The proliferation of new domains opens up a world of new branding opportunities for companies. For a dentist who has long lived on page five of Google’s search results because of some convoluted, bottom-of-the-barrel website domain, the option to go with could have a very real impact on foot traffic.

This sort of payoff is already happening for some companies.

When domains under the .club TLD became available, a startup called Coffee Club was quick to snatch theirs up. Even though they were already operating under the enviable domain, they recognized as an even more to-the-point and descriptive domain name. They were right.

“We were able get ranked in Google much more quickly with terms related to ‘coffee club’ and ‘coffee subscription’ than we were with the previous site,” says Gabe Roberts, president of Coffee.Club. Within 30 days, the new website rocketed to the coveted number-one result for the search phrase “coffee club” on Google, all without the company needing to spend a dime on some SEO guru.””

The story also covers some negatives from the new gTLD program including the need for defensive registrations, the need to buy domain names or someone else will and of course .sucks

Our favorite quote from that part of the article is:

“Heck, some guy in Queens even snatched up before we could (whatever, dude).”


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