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  • Hello New York!

    Hello York!

    So again, I haven't been on here in a while.. I've been extremely busy filling out paperwork and making trips to the embassy because I got a job offer in NYC! Read more

    The 03 November 2015 by   Trixie_belle
  • Fall Fashion Picks Chosen by My Clients (Part 3)

    Fall Fashion Picks Chosen Clients (Part

    This is the third and last part of this series on fall fashion picks chosen by my clients this season. If you are just getting caught up, you can read part 1... Read more

    The 23 November 2015 by   Bridgetteraes
  • Some Of My Favorite Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

    Some Favorite Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

    Every year for the past 5 years, i’ve managed to attempt Black Friday here in California by going to the outlets that are about 30 minutes away from my house. Read more

    The 27 November 2015 by   Heather Hahn
  • The Early Bird Gets The Boot: Yuketen Maine Guide DB Suede-Panelled Leather Boots

    Early Bird Gets Boot: Yuketen Maine Guide Suede-Panelled Leather Boots

    Yuketen Maine Guide DB Suede-Panelled Leather Boots The turkey is digested and Black Friday is a somewhat distant memory. So much like Memorial Day is the... Read more

    The 30 November 2015 by   Dynelle Skinner
  • Gingham and Dots and Stripes, Oh My!

    Gingham Dots Stripes,

    Skirt provided free of charge from SammyDress in return for my honest opinions. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I have a problem. A polka-dot problem. But I jus... Read more

    The 11 November 2015 by   Kristina Suko
  • New York – Southern End

    York Southern

    Brooklyn Bridge Take the train to Court St Station, get out and walk up to the park, cross it then down the street (you can see the Manhattan Bridge in the... Read more

    The 15 November 2015 by   Imogenl
  • Monday Must - The Premium Lace Dress

    Monday Must Premium Lace Dress

    Oh wow. First off just look at this dress. Secondly note that it is actually a petite beautiful gown! When does that even happen? Read more

    The 16 November 2015 by   Megan91
  • Design Your Own Joules Rain Boots

    Design Your Joules Rain Boots

    Joules is currently hosting the most darling design contest: they are offering you the opportunity to design your own pair of rain boots! Read more

    The 30 November 2015 by   A Mused Blog
  • The Wardrobe of Legends

    Wardrobe Legends

    I love a good, simple idea. Cohérence is a new Japanese label that’s reintroducing classic outerwear worn by previous generations’ style icons, artists, and... Read more

    The 03 November 2015 by   Dieworkwear
  • We Are Fashion Web Documentary by Attire Club

    Fashion Documentary Attire Club

    Back a little while ago (or was it a longer while ago?), we released a public announcement on our website in regards of a short movie we wanted to make. Under... Read more

    The 29 November 2015 by   Attireclub


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