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  • Fashion and Style Quote of the Day (#10)

    Fashion Style Quote (#10)

    “You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what... Read more

    The 12 December 2012 by   Realgirlrunway
  • Outfit: {texas} Winter Whites

    Outfit: {texas} Winter Whites

    Vest: A Bientot// Skirt: old Banana Republic // Sweater: H M // Shoes: Steve Madden I love white, and despite my mothers "it washes you out" comment that I... Read more

    The 28 December 2012 by   Elunstroth
  • Merry Christmas from Annie Bean

    Merry Christmas from Annie Bean

    I can't believe Christmas came and went so quickly, I spent so much time preparing for it with hunting for the perfect gifts, that I was absolutely exhausted... Read more

    The 26 December 2012 by   Annamoss84
  • Dinosaurs, a White Dress and the Inevitability of Spaghetti

    Dinosaurs, White Dress Inevitability Spaghetti

    White shirt dress, high heeled sunflower raffia sandals Gianmarco LorenziWe are eating.The Minx who let it slip this week that she has taught herself to read,... Read more

    The 27 December 2012 by   Caveatcalcei
  • Outfit Post: Better Red Than Dead

    Outfit Post: Better Than Dead

    Something about that survey stuck in my craw- and I've been wearing red lipstick ever since. Taking it to a whole other level, is this outfit of red on red on... Read more

    The 30 December 2012 by   Citizenrosebud
  • Be You Four


    Be You Four Buttondown top and skirt, PINKaholic. Spike necklace and gunmetal bracelet, Forever 21. Lita spike, Jeffrey Campbell. Bloggers United 4.0 happened... Read more

    The 22 December 2012 by   Wickedying
  • New Years Resolutions and Magic Rainbow Ponies

    Years Resolutions Magic Rainbow Ponies

    BOO! has everybody planned their new years resolutions? Mine is to get my butt into gear and manage my blog, homework and projects! That didn’t work too well... Read more

    The 31 December 2012 by   Thefemininerebel
  • Zuri Jewelry Makes You a Fashion Statement.

    Zuri Jewelry Makes Fashion Statement.

    This elegant accessories can even be called jewelries. ;) Belle Collection came in my way the other... Read more

    The 05 December 2012 by   Khristinacarla
  • Give a Frock Friday

    Give Frock Friday

    As Christmas nears I am increasingly drawn to frocks that remind me of the season. Whether it be tinsel or baubles, either way it’s a decoration of some kind. Read more

    The 14 December 2012 by   Heidi
  • Take It Easy

    Take Easy

    There's no point getting your knickers in a knot over Christmas shopping. Especially on a 33-degree weekend. For many, there's the temptation to flee to the... Read more

    The 03 December 2012 by   Desiree68


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