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Fashion Week : Moroccan Oil @ Kristian Aadnevik LFWAW13

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Fashion Week : Moroccan Oil @ Kristian Aadnevik LFWAW13

Inspiration for the Hair Look:
Errol Douglaas’ inspiratioon and vision for the hair came fromm merging thhe key themes from the
Kristian Aadnevik Fall 2013 collection – an almost meddieval, subtlyy dark spirit - with the contrasting hard and
soft textures in the pieeces. The signature “ppony” of thee Householdd Calvary hhelmet was also an
influence in capturing thhe essence oof Kristian Adnevik’s vi sion for the show.
“We wantedd to blend with and follow through on the colleection’s spiriit and themee,” says Douglas. “I
created a powerful pony placed high on the crrown that deelivers that aalmost regimmented feel, whilst a
femininity and softness is introduced through tthe luxuriouss shine and natural movvement worrked into
the cascadee of the tail. It’s Lady Goodiva meets Trojan Warrior with twoo variations.”
How The Loook Was Crreated:
Fashion Week : Moroccan Oil @ Kristian Aadnevik LFWAW13

Look 1 – Thhe Half Goddiva/Trojan Pony
“I staarted by preeparing wet hair with Mooroccanoil Hydrating Styling Creeam to workk in hold
and movement ssimultaneou sly. This is a great prepparation tool for hair lookks where waands are
“Next, I blow dried the hair with the Moroccan oil  Barrel Brush to achievee a smoothnness and
hold, but overall natural and healthy-looking finish.
“Once the hair was dry, I lightly tonged hair with a laarge wand.”
“Then I sectioned the hair off into two: TThe first section started just below the temple arround to
just below the crown at the back and thee second section, left remaining, hangs separately.”
“I bound the top section intoo a ponytail uusing a hookk to secure aand place ju st before thee crown.”
“I ussed a small wire piece, innserted into the pony cloose to the crrown, to bend, shape annd lift the
ponyytail, similar to a groomed horse’s tail, and thenn wrapped strips of lace to cover thee elastic
arouund the join.
“To build in subttle, natural texture, I lig htly curled both the ponny and remaining loose section,
and worked in aa tiny amount of Moroccan oil Treatment into the end of the pony foor added
conddition and poolish”
To finish, I usedd Moroccannoil Luminoous Hairspray to set annd hold the look in placce whilst
retaining that naatural movemment.
Look 2 – Thhe Full Goddiva/Trojan ppony
Fashion Week : Moroccan Oil @ Kristian Aadnevik LFWAW13

“I folllowed all of the steps foor the look o ne, but tookk all the hair into one ponny at step 4,, placing
just on the crowwn. At step 4 I also ussed slightly mmore tensioon when bin ding the po nytail to
encoourage a subbtle but not ssevere lift.”
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