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Fashion Tips on How to Wear Button-Up Shirts for Women

By Clarissa17 @ClarissaSeaton

The button-up shirt for women has proven to be one of the most enduring fashion trends, mainly because of its easy and comfortable wear-ability  Whether the material silk, printed, or sheer; you can add one or two of this apparel to your wardrobe. Here are some of the basic fashion tips that will help you to wear button-up shirt while looking your absolute best.

Button-Up Shirt

Go for sexy look

The button up shirt of old is known to be formal and a bit boring. These days, if you want to look sexier in your button up, go for shapely ones that are made of silk. This will ensure a more seductive feel as you wear it.

Maximize its shape

You can take advantage of the unique shape of a button-up shirt, which makes it a favorite wear for any woman. Whether you wear it with layered clothing, or as a main outfit; a button up will perfectly deliver the look that you want to exude for the day. This is the reason why button up shirts for women are known to be the more sophisticated version of the shirt.

Wear a sleeveless button-up

Go chic and stylish with a white-colored and sleeveless button up shirt. You can make it sassier by tying a small knot at the end. No need to buy one as you can do it yourself. Just make sure that you cut cleanly along the seams of the sleeves. Replace the old buttons with bigger ones to optimize your shirt’s look.

Change to oversized button-ups

Traditional button-up shirts can be a stuffy wear. Try to veer away from the slouchy, classical version by going for an oversized shirt that’s made in light silk or linen. This is a perfect top to match a pair of skinny pants and flat, black booties. Wear a sleek, fitting jacket and bold jewelry such as a big ring or chain of necklace to complete your new look.

Add life to your office button-up shirt

It is a usual company wear, which is why it tends to become commonplace. You can make your white button-up more exciting and in tune with fashion trends by using a cute cardigan or wearing some pretty pumps. Since it’s meant for office wear, keep the outfit simple; but you can tinker with the colors and style in other aspects, specifically the accessories.

Image Source: BurdaStyle

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