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Fashion Me Pretty: All About Purple Jewels (New Arrivals)

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

When you fuse red and blue together what do you get? I’m sure you guessed, purple! So it makes perfect sense that red goes awesomely with the color, as well as certain shades of blue. Contrary to the thought that purple isn’t versatile and only goes with neutral colors like gray or nude, it’s simply not true! Our NEWest arrival of earrings are full of beautiful tanzanite and amethyst hues and go well with many many outfits and combinations you can think of. I’m not sure about you, but since “purple” is such a general term and you have no way of knowing which shade one is speaking of, I like to stay away from the word. Don’t violet, lavender, indigo, eggplant, heliotrope and periwinkle sound much more interesting?

Pick your favorite style from the Morado and Mademoiselle Earrings, select an outfit from your closet using a color from the palette below and get your dose of instant glamour and elegance for the day!

Mademoiselle Purple Sparkle Jewelry

dresses that go with purple

1. Mademoiselle Sparkle Amethyst Vine Earrings $32
2. Morado Jewel Amethyst Teardrop Earrings $35
3. Morado Jewel Amethyst Half Hoop Earrings $22
4. Mademoiselle Fuchsia Pink Jeweled Earrings $45
5. Morado Jewel Purple Drop Earrings $30
6. Morado Jewel Amethyst Stud Earrings $22

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