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Farha Hasan Author of The Mother-in-Law Cure: A Magical Cinderella Story

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Meet Farha Hasan - Author of  

The Mother-in-Law Cure We are in conversation with Farha Hasan, author of The Mother-in-Law Cure.
Farha Hasan is a writer based out of Boston of South Asian descent. She was born and bred in the South Asian community in Toronto and has a degree in business and a passion for books. Her creativity and her passion for the written word first took her into advertising and then research. She began her writing career in the Advertising industry where she was involved in the writing, casting, and production of fifteen TV commercials and six radio commercials related to ethnic advertising.  Currently she has shifted her focus to fiction. Her short stories have been published in various ezines and small circulation press such as, Binnacle , Down in the Dirt, Toasted Cheese, Wild Violet, Skyline Magazine and The Griffin. The Mother-in-Law Cure is her first Novel. Farha Hasan Author of The Mother-in-Law Cure: A Magical Cinderella Story Your real name and pen name?
Farha Hasan is both my pen name and my actual name.
About your education?
I have an undergraduate degree in Business Administration (with a concentration in marketing) and a Masters Degree in Information/Library Sciences. As a result, I first started writing professionally while I was employed in the advertising industry.
What languages you can speak and write? I can read and write in English. I also speak Urdu.
What is your biggest source of inspiration in life? In general, I was raised with a great deal of expectations and now I am at a point in my life where I am doing what I want to do. So, my biggest source of inspiration is just knowing that I have the opportunity to explore my interests and my talents, without anyone discouraging me, and that anything can come of it. Sky is the limit as they say.
What is the biggest challenge you have faced? How did you overcome it? I started off as a promising writer when I was a student. My biggest challenge was coming back to writing after a ten year hiatus and realizing how much catching up I would have to do and how long it would take. What is the purpose of your writing? The purpose of my short stories has been to chronicle the experiences of second generation South Asians. Recently, I have started writing novels. The focus of my novel has been to adapt traditional Western fairytales into a modern day South Asian setting.
Which of your work has been published so far? My debut novel is, The Mother-in-Law Cure. It is a magical Cinderella story set in a South Asian community.
Farha Hasan Author of The Mother-in-Law Cure: A Magical Cinderella Story
What are your forthcoming writings? The current manuscript that I am working on is an adaptation of Sleeping Beauty.
What genres you write in and why? I play a lot with magical realism that in infused in fairytale re-telling.
Is high level of imagination important to have for an Author? It is definitely a huge asset. A skilled writer can turn even the most traditional stories into something different and magical.
Your origin of birth and other countries you have visited/ stayed. I was born in Toronto. I have visited United States, Bahamas, Mexico, India (Hyderabad & Calcutta), Pakistan (Lahore & Karachi), Syria, Iraq, England, France and Italy.
What best things you liked in these countries around the globe? Visiting all of the above countries made me appreciate living in North America all that much more. They are beautiful and unique places but as they say, there's no place like home.
What comes to your mind when you think of India? The first and last time I went to India, I was four-years old. I have a lot of jumbled memories. I remember being surrounded by relatives. I remember having my birthday 5th party there. I remember by grandmother in Calcutta who raised chickens.
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