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Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria: Tasty, but Soggy

By Foodobyte @foodobyte

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Famoso is a casual Neapolitan Pizzeria on Commercial Dr. They have a semi-self-service dealio where diners order at the counter and the rest is taken care of, much like Nandos. I actually prefer this way because I get to order whenever I’m ready without any pressure.

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria: Tasty, but Soggy
Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria: Tasty, but Soggy

After looking through the menu, I simply wrote down what hippoCHAN and I wanted, then handed the slip to the server by the cashier.

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I always love watching people cook :) That’s probably why my cable box is locked into the Food Network.

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I wish that I had one of these babies in my house… But I gotta hold off for now because I just bought a food processor.

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While we were waiting, we educated ourselves on wine terms. For instance, a FAT wine is another way of saying that it tastes fruity with no acidity or tannins! On the flip side, MUSCULAR means that it’s too strong and dry.

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We both ordered lunch specials: pizza + soup/salad. hippoCHAN picked the Primavera ($12), a white-sauce vegetarian pizza.

Smoked mozzarella, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, roasted mushrooms, kalamata olives, slivered red onions and pecorino ramano.

The pizza tasted great, with the exception of the olives. They were really chunky so it was like eating cubes of salt. As for the crust… it was soggy. While I admit that I took some time to take pictures, the curst shouldn’t go flippy-floppy that quickly. This was an issue for my pizza too.

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hippoCHAN picked the Napoli Salad as her side.

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I ordered the Abruzzo ($12): oven-roasted Italian sausage, slivered red onions, roasted mushrooms, fennel seeds, smoked mozzarella and pecorino romano. I definitely preferred this pizza because it had meat and a fresh, sweet tomato sauce.

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My side was the Fire-Roasted Tomato Bisque. This was awesome and addictive! It was rich, smooth, tomatoey, and cheesy – what more could I ask for?

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We topped off our lunch with a scoop of Blueberry Gelato!

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Overall, the pizzas tasted good, but it was just a shame that the crusts were soggy.

Final Bytes

  1. Wednesday: 15$ off any reserve bottle of wine
  2. Good lunch specials
  3. Super great service!

Foodobyte’s Rating

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria: Tasty, but Soggy

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