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Family Night In With Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate #CBias

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
Family Night In With Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate #CBias
Last week was half term holiday here. We had a great relaxing time. The weekend however was a bit busy with birthday parties and some errands. Therefore I decided that it would be nice to spend the saturday evening  with some small treats for all of us. I decided to make jacket potatoes - a family favorite. I popped the potatoes in the oven and went to my local grocery store Sainsbury's for shopping while the kids and hubby were busy gardening.
I decided to make this Milk Chocolate Mousse so I had to buy the ingredients. Sainsbury's is very close to me and it is one of the shops that I visit quite often. I like that they have a neat lay-out with posters so I can almost always find what I need. The staff is kind and helpful. Also, the staff turnover in this particular store is low. I enjoy seeing familiar faces.
Another thing that I like about Sainsbury's is their brand match policy. It means that they check their prices against Asda and Tesco and if the products I bought happen to be more expensive, they give me a voucher to use next time. Great!
Here are a few photos from my shopping. You can see more photos here at my Google+ Album.
cadburry,dairy milk
I checked the DVD section to see if there is a film that would suit  all of us. However there weren't any films thatI really liked, so I decided to buy some magazines for the kids and the Saturday newspaper for us grown-ups. Children like doing the crafts in the magazine. Always great for some quiet time in the afternoon.
My shopping basket
Dairy Milk
We always eat our dinner together as a family around 6pm. This gives us an opportunity to connect after  a long day. This is especially important during the week, spending time at school or work.We get the chance to talk about how our day went,reflect on our feelings and then there is some more time for us to spend together playing,chatting, or doing an activity before the children go to bed at around 7.30.
While I was preparing the dinner, the kids explored the magazines and hubby had a chance to read the paper.
Family Night In With Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate #CBias
I prepared the chocolate mousse with Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate, double cream and  eggs. The recipe suggested making honeycomb to serve it with. I have never made honeycomb before so I used Crunchies (another Cadbury product) instead, as per the suggestion of the recipe.
Family Night In With Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate #CBias
I have been living in the UK for about seven years. So I did not grow up eating Dairy Milk as a child but I know that it is very popular. Personally I really like that it is creamy and intense.
Family Night In With Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate #CBias
I also added some strawberries and mint for the grown ups. The mousse was delicious and easy to make. 
After the dinner, while Derin enjoyed  his stickers from the magazine, Defne made two puppets and decided to put on a puppet show which was so sweet!
Family Night In With Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate #CBias
It was a cosy evening that we all enjoyed. The Milk Chocolate Mousse was a great treat, I will be definitely making it again soon.
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