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False Flag Attacks with Emphasis on the Syrian Chemical Weapons Case and Two Recent Incidents in the Ukraine

Posted on the 31 January 2015 by Calvinthedog

Kevin M. writes:

So these “psychopathic” false flaggers -those in charge- are so powerful that they manipulate news stories for there own benefit to influence public opinion? Sorry, that is batshit crazy at the level you are suggesting. Government agencies (at least in the U.S.) do not have that much competence or secrecy, and I doubt they could anywhere in the western world. Even if you are suggesting that governments don’t actually do such things, the group(s) would need their aid and the aid of the media in general. The rabbit hole would run to China. It’s not there.

Perhaps you should look at the idea that people invent conspiracies to explain their world. It’s been going on a long time. Many of them aren’t even compatible but that doesn’t stop adherents from believing strongly. I’m not saying things always go as presented or leaders don’t lie but at least keep your beliefs within the realm of reality. Seriously, why do you think these “false flags” (the type we are talking about) don’t get mainstream support? The public may be dumb and brainwashed but they don’t buy bullshit wholesale.

Your suggestion that Ukraine would do well to kill all the Jews to get peace tells me a lot about your worldview.

I think Kevin misunderstands the nature of a false flag attack.

The M17 Jetliner – A Classic False Flag

A classic false flag attack is when the Ukrainians, probably with US support, deliberately shot down the M17 jetliner and then blamed it on the Russians. Now that is a real false flag. Commit a depraved act, then blame it on the enemy.

The Syrian Sarin Gas Chemical Weapons Attack

Another false flag attack was the fake chemical weapons attack supposedly by Assad’s regime in a suburb of Damascus in which 1,500 people were killed. But there were no chemical weapons shells fired at that suburb by the state on that day. In fact, Assad has never once used chemical weapons on his people during this war.

What happened was with the assistance of Turkey, Al-Nusra somehow released some sort of crude sarin gas that they had onto the neighborhood. Doses were so low as to not even adversely effect health but high enough to give Sarin levels in the blood. The British intelligence proved that the Sarin did not come from Assad’s regime because all of his Sarin has a particular chemical signature and the Syrian Sarin attack lacked that. Instead this was sort of a bathtub type Sarin that you cook up in a garage somewhere. Al-Nusra had previously been caught with a batch of Sarin in Turkey that looked a lot like this stuff – home-brewed Sarin.

We know that Turkey was in on it too. Soon after the attack, the sleazy lying Israelis said that they intercepted a phone call from Syrian Defense Headquarters wanting to know which unit had given the order to fire chemical weapons. They probably just made this up as it is doubtful that this phone call even took place since there was no attack in the first place.

There is a good article by Seymour Hersch that explains the whole fake attack. Anyway, MI5 concluded that Assad didn’t do the Sarin attack but they did not say who did it.

The West Tries to Frame An Innocent Assad

They relayed this information to the US, and Obama got it. Obama was going to go to Congress for authorization for air strikes against Assad (this is why the false flag was done – to gin up support for US involvement in the war), however, when he received the information, he concluded that Assad did not do it so he could not go to Congress for authorization. Of course, Obama never told the American people this. In fact, he continued to browbeat Assad for using chemical weapons even though by now Obama knew Assad did not do it.

So the US was framing and attempting to persecute an innocent party. An agreement was then negotiated to force Syria to get rid of its chemical weapons on the grounds that it used chemical weapons on its people. The Russians helped negotiate this deal. The US and UK were very important in this deal also. They said that if Assad did not give up his chemical weapons, the US was going to bomb his forces. So they persecuted Assad for a chemical weapons attack he did not even do even after they knew he did not do it. Sleazy!

How the “Sarin Victims” Really Died

After the sarin was released, al Nusra apparently murdered hundreds of government supporting civilians that it had detained in that district. The rebels including al Nusra often abduct whole villages of government supporters and then truck them around the country as hostages for months. It is not know what happens to all of them, but at least some of them are killed.

The prisoners were taken to a basement room where gas cylinders were in place, the doors were then locked, and the hostages were gasses with either carbon monoxide or sulfur dioxide. Some of the hostages may have been killed before they were taken down there as same had signs of having their throats slit. Others had been shot, beaten to death or killed with knives. Anyway they were gassed and then oxygen was released from the cylinders so the bodies could be retrieved. The bodies were taken up to the roof of the building and this is where you see all of those photos of the “chemical weapons attack victims” wrapped up in white.

There were no 1,500 rebel supporting civilians killed. No rebel supporting civilians were killed. Instead maybe 600 government supporting civilians were gassed to death and killed in other ways and then presented as pro-rebel civilians.

Western Media Role in the Syrian Sarin Attacks

The media and apparently the whole world bought this lie, although some of us conspiracy folks were calling bullshit on this from the very start.

As far as whether the media knew that the chemical weapons attack was fake, they probably did not. It is not known if they got the new information from the British, but there is a large US CIA/Deep State propaganda campaign out to discredit the new evidence and continue to blame Assad. Probably the media just reports whatever the CIA and the State Department says as absolute fact and don’t even bother to find out if it’s true or not. As the media people all wanted to blame Assad anyway, they are simply inclined to believe that he did the attack and dismiss the excellent evidence absolving him of this crime.

Two Recent False Flags in the Ukraine

The recent false flags in the Ukraine are not really false flags. In both cases, civilians (actually pro-rebel civilians) were accidentally killed by Ukrainian forces, once by accident when they ran into a land mine and the second time also by accident when a shell fell short in Mariupol. Instead of admitting that these civilians were killed by Ukrainian forces by accident, the Ukies simply blamed the rebels for both incidents. In the case of the land mine, they lied and said a rebel shell killed the people. In the Mariupol case, they said the shells were fired by the rebels, not them. So this is a case of blaming the opposition for your own screwups that cause civilian deaths.

Large rallies were held in Kiev commemorating the victims of the landmine attack. The rallies blamed the attack on the Novorussians, who were actually innocent. Here is a stupid BBC article framing the Novorussians for an attack by Ukrainians.

The Western Media’s Role in False Flag Attacks

The media probably knows nothing. Most of the media is part of the Deep State anyway, which the foreign policy elite who are the people who really run this country. The CIA pays off many journalists and supposedly owns a number of media outlets outright. Operation Mockingbird, uncovered in 1972, revealed that many or most of the top US journalists, editors and publishers had been on the CIA payroll for many years. Mockingbird was shut down but supposedly it continues under a new name. Perhaps it is a false flag in the sense of framing and attempting to persecute an innocent party for an act you did yourself.

The US government apparently just repeated the lies of the Ukies and I suppose the rest of the West did too. All of the Western media probably just repeated the lies of their governments, which were probably copied from the Ukies. So in these cases, the liars may not even know that they are lying.

The Media and the Government Are One Entity

The Deep State and the US elite are pretty much the same thing. The US elite are part of the Deep State. So really the US elite/Deep State own all of the major media in the US. The CIA is part of the Deep State. So it is the same folks running the State Department, the CIA, the Pentagon, the US 1%, the top corporations and all of the media. It is the same group of people. So the government doesn’t have to manipulate anyone since the government and press are run by the same folks so in essence are really the same thing.

The media may not lie so much as just repeat government bullshit and lies as fact and not bother to figure out if they are being lied to or not. This is especially easy and the government lies happen to coincide with the ideology of the media.

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