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Falling For A Duke – A Timeless Regency Romance Collection by Rebecca Connelly, Nichole Van, and Janelle Daniels

Posted on the 20 September 2017 by Bubblebathbooks
Falling For A Duke – A Timeless Regency Romance Collection by Rebecca Connelly, Nichole Van, and Janelle Daniels

If last week's post on Nichole Van's House of Oak Series wasn't enough Regency romance for you (or enough Nichole Van, as the case might be), then you're in luck! Falling For a Duke released yesterday and it is 300 or so rock solid pages of love, intrigue, social minefields and outraged society mamas.

They were not insipid. The heroines did not wait around to be rescued. The heroes had integrity and honor and weren't idiots any more than men usually are. The writing was clever and unboring.

Unboring? Seriously? Three dazzling Regency romances and all you can say is unboring? Do I need to feed you or something?

Everything I said was true. I just have to work up to a gush. If I was telling the truth, I'd say that I really wished there were ten stories in the collection instead of three, because they were SO unboring, yea even likable.

That's so much better! Let it loose, lady!

Let me tell you about the first story, On The Duke's Errand by Rebecca Connolly. It's the story of the Duke of Ashcombe's second son, who goes to Scotland to see to his father's estate and meets Ceana Shaw (pronounced "Kenna".) Ceana turns out to be way different from the society girls he's met in London and is so unboring that things get...interesting. That's all I'm going to say.

So this is going to be a thing, then? Unboring? O.K. Fine. Let's talk about the next really unboring Regency romance, Vingt-et-Un/Twenty-One by Nichole Van , our new favorite author. The Duke of Chawton, Liam Trebor and Eliza Carter Mail have been best friends since their childhood but something has obviously gone wrong in the meantime. The story is told backwards through flashbacks and it's quite unique. What happens next? I'm not telling.

The last tale, I Kissed a Duke by Janelle Daniels , is almost a Regency take on Mean Girls. I was proud of the protagonist, Madeline Maybury, for being such a gutsy gal and not leaving her fate to chance. She basically is given a dare to complete in order to join the popular girl clique, which will be her ticket to society. But mean girls are liars and don't keep their word. Luckily, karma sometimes comes around to bite nasty people in the butt. And yay for Ethan, Duke of Hargrave, for things you'll have to read about yourself.

Have we mentioned how completely and totally unboring these three Regency romance novellas are? Like, the most unboring ever. Sissy is rolling her eyes at me now...

You're so hilarious. And possibly undelightful.

Yep. I'm unboring, too. We're big fans of the Timeless Romance Collections and this one is definitely in our top 5. Great writing, excellent characters and happy endings all round.

I know why there are only three novellas in this collection. If there were any more, I would just read them and be irresponsible and maybe get fired from my day job. That, Bubby, means I really, really enjoyed them all and look forward anxiously to the next un-inane Timeless Romance Collection.

Click to buy Falling for a Duke - A Timeless Regency Romance Collection by Rebecca Connolly, Nichole Van, and Janelle Daniels.

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