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By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters
The catchy prologue of Eye On You By Kanchana Banerjee starts with a worthy body description of a young girl. Worthy, because, it's quite interesting and more than that satisfying, evoking, provoking, building colourful imaginations and promising that this zingy beginning will not die down soon, and there's a lot more to come, so stay hooked. I was involved so much so that I read hip in place of lip in the line - 'a smile forming on the corner of her lip'. Looking at the theme of the book, I felt both the cover pages could be more illustrative, pointing crisply to it. That's okay. As far as winning a reader right in the beginning, with your excellent beginning, and through the first paragraph of the book itself, it's a big feat. More than 90% of authors fail on this parameter.
Eye On You By Kanchana Banerjee @justkanchana #bookreview #books #bookchatter
The front cover and back cover do a full justification to the theme of the story. Whereas the front cover depicts somebody unknown could know a lot more than You know about yourself, the back cover says Technology has its own boons and banes. Awareness is the key on today's digital world. Social media has a huge appetite to grab any kind of information entered by its users without imagining how much and how far it's reaching. At times in wrong hands. The story of Eye On You By Kanchana Banerjee is gripping, intense, and fits well in today's world having greater risks in the digital arena.
Myra, our protagonist in this quite interesting book Eye On You By Kanchana Banerjee, has a very shocking entry in the story. She had a night party at home. The next morning when she wakes or gains her consciousness she finds her whole body paining and with a mix of heaviness, uneasiness, pain, numbness, etc, she had to gather a lot of energy to move out of bed. Well, the interestingly sad part is she realizes, gradually, after 5 pages of the story, and almost after crossing a hurdle of almost 1,400 words, that she was sexed multiple times last night. But, she is not able to recollect by whom, and, one or many. If you look at the juice component in the story, it is more than sufficient. That is quite evident right in the beginning, merely after reading a few pages only. That clearly indicates, a lot of effort has gone into story building, raising curiosity level of the reader, and promising an exceptionally good flow and ending. 
The character building in the book Eye on You By Kanchana Banerjee is strong and crisp. Storyline is powerful. There's no scope of a reader getting bored at any moment while reading this book. In fact, after reading this book, I am planning to buy author's previous books. I am not going to discuss the story any further but can tell you there is a lot of drama with a number of expected and unexpected twists in it. The character and story belong to current era. But the time you finish this story, it will compel you to think and, of course, realize, how social media and our online presence has exposed, and is exposing us, with every passing post by us there. Also, how, at times, this exposure can go beyond danger level to create high risk and cause heavy damages. 
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