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Extra Ways To Earn Money Online As You Travel

By Jsbdsl @jonnyblair
As a long term traveller and budget backpacker, I have managed to work and travel almost every day for the last 10 years or so, even if that travelling is just to the shop to pick up a carton of milk! But to keep moving, we need money. I have covered before in detail on how to become a professional travel blogger, best ways to earn money as a professional travel blogger and best jobs to have on your travels. However, most of those jobs needed a base (bar work, farming etc.). But what about earning as you keep moving? Is it possible? Yes it is as long as you have WiFi and internet access. Here are a few options to earn online as you travel. Extra Ways To Earn Money Online As You Travel

Backpacking through Uzbekistan with shitloads of cash

1.Online Teaching Back in 2011, I gained a qualification as a professional native English teacher. At the time, I was working as a teacher in Kindergartens and Primary Schools in Hong Kong. I also did freelance teaching in Hong Kong. But all of this work was face to face, or as I call it – real teaching. However, online teaching is now a real way to earn money as you travel. There are companies such as Tutlo which you can sign up to, to become a native English/Spanish/Polish teacher and get paid hourly for your Skype lessons to a variety of clients. This is part of the new age of digital nomadery, meaning you could literally even do a lesson from a bar by a beach, as long as the client agrees to this. Extra Ways To Earn Money Online As You Travel

Teaching English is a common and easy job to fall into when you’re travelling the world.

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Teaching English is a common and easy job to fall into when you’re travelling the world, but it can also be done online.

2.Website Advertising If you own a website, you will be aware that it costs money to run. Therefore you should aim to earn some of that money back by advertising. Most big websites these days have a load of adverts in the sidebars, on the homepage, in posts and even in drop down menus or pop up boxes. Once you crack the online advertising game, there is no going back. Life can change for you and you can start to run multiple websites, all with advertising on them.
Extra Ways To Earn Money Online As You Travel

Don’t Stop Living 2014

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Don’t Stop Living 2014

3.Online Gambling
The good old addiction of gambling online is alive and well, and many experts can use it to their advantage as a pure fire way to earn money online as they travel. Websites that do football betting, mobile slots, online poker and so on are all becoming increasingly popular as the days go on. 4.Copywriting
Being an online copywriter sounds like a total dream job as nobody even watches over you as you type. So you could literally be on a beach in Hawaii, in a bar in Warszawa or on a train to North Korea. As long as you get your copywriting and editing done on time and to the best standard, you can keep moving and keep working. Be on the look out for Copywriting jobs on websites like Upday and Elance, where new and exciting online jobs always exist. 5.Affiliate Marketing Last and probably least is the passive world of Affiliate Marketing. Although this is a tougher cookie to crack in the digital nomad world, it’s rewarding once you know how. For each affiliate link on your website that leads to a sale for the client, you receive a cut of the money. If you master this, the passive income potential is huge! Good luck and safe travels! Join 15,017 Monthly Readers! If you enjoyed this article and LOVE travel and SAVING money, get e-mail updates from Don’t Stop Living – a lifestyle of travel! (It’s Free) 😉 Jonny

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