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Exclusive: Rick Schwartz Thinks Use of Domains In The Super Bowl Over Hashtags Is A Game Changer For The Domain Industry

Posted on the 11 February 2017 by Worldwide @thedomains

Legendary Domain investor Rick Schwartz a/k/a the Domain King, wrote to me about the post we published about earlier this week from, that Domain Names appeared in substantially more television commercials  that aired during the Super Bowl than Hashtags and Facebook Pages.

He thinks it’s a game changer, a reset in the importance of Domains.

So here are Rick’s thoughts and why he believes it so important for the domain industry:

“This is one of the biggest stories for domainer’s in many years.

Madison Avenue finally beginning to figure out the obvious.

To advertise using a third-party platform to move TRAFFIC to was insane, but they wanted to be cool they wanted to hip.

When you send your best traffic to an intermediary it comes with a very heavy cost.

The cost is sales

Sales are what they’re in business to do to begin with and profit is what makes their salaries.

Hashtags were a distraction to a sale. It inhibited a sale. It helped to prevent a sale not make a sale. It took an immediate sale and turned it into something else. Like a distraction.

Facebook, Twitter and alike are sales tools. And they should be used as tools. They are great tools. They should not be used as home base. It is NOT your front door!!

There has been a group-think online that put sales to the side.

Sorry that dog won’t hunt.

Sales have to be at the forefront in any business.

And that includes charities and nonprofits.

But giving your front door of your business to a third-party is absolutely the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life in business.

If you had a customer the last thing you would do is bring him through all your competitors showrooms on the way to your room showroom.

That’s how not to make sales. At least not make sales for yourself. Making sales for your competition and making them stronger while you become weaker.

Not smart.

There are still many lessons for mainstream and start-ups and any type of online business to learn. Lessons we learned a decade or two ago. There is a learning curve. That learning curve can be 20 to 30 years. As they discover things It will accelerate how they do things.

We are entering an era of results.

Sales is the only way you measure results when you have a company.

So when I saw this story the other day, that the use of Domain Names were back being used in Super Bowl ads substantially more than Hashtags or Facebook Pages I knew immediately how big it was.

How important it was.

How significant it was.

We are possibly at a turning point.

What I find the most surprising is that I think many domainers don’t realize what a big deal this really is.

This was like discovering gravity for the first time for retailers and wholesalers alike.

I have long said there are more sales wasted online then actually made online.

This is when that starts to change. And remember I say start.

It will take approximately another three years for it to fully change over.

Facebook and Twitter are very big losers in this deal. I wonder if they themselves understand the seismic event that is occurring. Because if they don’t they will see it in their bottom line.

These folks have all hit critical mass. Growth is going to become harder and harder. If there is a hemorrhaging, and that just could be the case, what would it look like?

On Super Bowl Sunday domain names took back their rightful crown.

This was a big day and I want to congratulate everyone.

I also realize the significance of this event.

It may not show now, but in the years ahead it surely will.””

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