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EXCLUSIVE: Charlaine Answers Our Questions at Polaris 25

Posted on the 18 July 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers!

You are in for a treat today! This is an exclusive to visitors of our site!

EXCLUSIVE: Charlaine Answers Our Questions at Polaris 25
Charlaine Harris appeared at the Polaris 25 Convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, over the weekend – marking it her first Canadian appearance EVER!

We’re pretty excited, especially because I was supposed to go, but unfortunately, wasn’t able to.


We were lucky though…we had an insider to the event (a member of the organizing committee) who asked Charlaine our questions on our behalf!

Some answers you may have heard before, but there’s one in particular, you don’t know! Can you guess which one?

Our insider will be writing up a post with her recap of the entire event later on in the week! We’ll keep you posted!


Until then, here are the questions we wanted answered!

Eric & Sookie Lovers: Which “team” does she think is the largest one in the fandom? example: Eric lovers, Bill lovers, Quinn lovers…etc. And why does she feel that way?

Charlaine Harris: I don’t classify them because they are both my babies. I love them both equally.

E&S Lovers: Currently, you’re writing Sookie book 12…at this point of the book, what would you title it, if you had the final say?

CH:  Dead Locked. Possibly the last book would be Dead End.

E&S Lovers: To promote the Sookie 12 and 13 books, will you consider touring Canada as well?

CH: I won’t say, No for Book 12, but Book 13, I would go into hiding. I’m afraid of the backlash that will wave over the fans, if it doesn’t end the way people want me to finish it. I know,  I can’t please everyone…but I want to stay true to how I want it to end.

E&S Lovers: What do you think about fanfics based on your books?

CH: I don’t read it and don’t really like or understand the idea of it. I don’t want to read it in case someone says, I stole an idea from them.

We want to say a special thanks to @CoffinGurl for taking the time out of her busy schedule to ask Charlaine these questions for us!  We’re looking forward to her recap and photos later on in the week!

What do you think of Charlaine’s answers? Share your thoughts below!

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