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Excellent Tips for Rugby Players Who Want to Bulk Their Bodies Up

By Urbanmatter Chicago @UMatterChicago
Excellent Tips for Rugby Players Who Want to Bulk Their Bodies UpExcellent Tips for Rugby Players Who Want to Bulk Their Bodies Up

Rugby, the sport in which men and women become Spartans, guiding their army, facing their enemies, paving their way through the field to bring the ball and themselves to victory. Rugby is in no way an easy sport; it’s one that can only be played by the strongest individuals; individuals who can endure the heaviest of rains, the slipperiest of fields, and the most dangerous of obstacles, not to mention the tackles. With such responsibilities, rugby players need their bodies to have the required strength and power, and among the many things that can help is bulking up. If you indeed have the desire to bulk your body up, here are some tips on how you can bulk up and become a strong rugby player.

Excellent Tips for Rugby Players Who Want to Bulk Their Bodies UpPhoto Credit: Pexels

Bulk Those Functional Muscles

For rugby players, muscles are their body’s natural armor and their primary purpose is to protect the player from the dangers of the game. In a typical rugby match, players run at speed while facing multiple collisions that can almost be compared to car crashes on highway roads. This poses a great threat to rugby players and their bodies if not built properly. That’s why, before bulking up, rugby players need to make sure that they have the correct body traits and that they have muscles appropriate for the functions of rugby. Players need to work smartly to build usable muscles.

What you need to do is to slowly escalate and progress the intensity of your training while focusing on a type of training called hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is the process of increasing and growing your muscle cells through exercise, and for rugby players, the training should be well-thought-out and planned. After you’ve made sure you have the required muscles, it’s time to move on to bulking up.

Become a Fierce Weightlifter

To have the required mobility, power, and strength that will support you during your matches, you need to bulk up through weightlifting, specifically through workout plans such as the Modified Strongman Training (MST). MST helps you work on multiple muscles at the same time through the combination of equipment such as tires, logs, and sleds with traditional lifts such as deadlifts, bench presses, squats, and much more. Through this training regimen, you’ll experience excruciatingly small rest periods with a huge workload, but it’s all for the greater good as you’ll start seeing those strong muscles very soon.

Become a Cardio Fanatic

Although focusing on lifts and other similar exercises is important to bulk up, one must never forget the importance of balance through cardio. Rugby players run as much as any other athlete, and the amount of cardio is similar to sports such as football and basketball, but the huge difference is that rugby players are a lot stronger and bigger in size. By bulking up, you increase your overall weight through muscle mass, but you need to have the ability to carry that weight while trying to save the ball from falling into your enemy’s clutches. Doing consistent cardio is a must to build up your stamina and for your body to get used to running at a high speed while carrying a heavy weight.

Get Those Supplements

With the immense pressure you put on your body while working out to build muscles and bulk up, your body requires the appropriate supplements to endure the massive strain put on it. According to the team behind, supplements come in many forms; they can be your daily dose of protein powder in that breakfast shake or that high energy snack bar you eat before training. Whatever it is you do, remember that what’s important is not how you integrate your supplements into your day, but that you ensure that your body gets the boost it heavily needs. If you spend a bit of time doing some research, you can find whatever it is you need to support your body throughout your daily activities and training. Whether it’s that protein powder or those pills that help you build muscles naturally, you’ll find it all. But, it’s important to note that the intake of supplements demands the accompaniment of a proper healthy nutritional diet, which we’ll talk about in the next section. 

Choose the Right Diet

When bulking up, nutrition is of the highest importance. To change your body into the ideal one you want, you must choose a proper diet to help you with your endeavors. As a rule of thumb, when bulking up, the most sought out diet is the one where people intake a surplus of calories every day, meaning that they have a higher calorie intake than the amount they’re expending. In this kind of diet, a lot of protein, fats, and carbohydrates must be consumed on a daily basis. However, it’s important to avoid the frequently visited mistakes others make when following this diet—the trap of the “high carbohydrate intake.”

A lot of people assume that they can eat all the pasta, bread, and rice they want, but that is not advisable because while you will get the extra calories that you need to bulk up, you are not supplying your body with the required nutrition. The right kind of carbs needs to be consumed such as carbs coming from the natural sugars of fruit. You should also make sure that your protein and fat intake are also done correctly. There are many kinds of foods and beverages appropriate for a rugby player’s diet, so you can have as much variety as you want. The key thing is to follow the right diet along with performing the exercises we mentioned above; you’ll see the difference in no time.

Excellent Tips for Rugby Players Who Want to Bulk Their Bodies UpPhoto Credit: Pexels

These are some of the best tips for rugby players who want to bulk up and obtain their ideal bodies. If you follow these steps, the changes your body will experience will gradually be visible. Starting with a proper foundation, then slowly changing your eating and exercising habits will lead to a stronger, healthier, and more powerful body that’s suitable for the Spartan matches you’ll be facing. Take your body up a notch and intimidate your enemies on your road to victory.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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