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Event: Za Rouge Affair / Za Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge Review

By Beautifulbuns

I’ve recently been totally into RuPaul’s Drag Race  (you should totally check it out if you haven’t – you’re totally missing out!), and it’s all been about face, face, face. But judging by the amount of lip-related events I’ve attended recently, it seems to be more about lips, puckers and smackers.

Za Rouge Affair
Reaching an uncharacteristic 30 mins late cos I was stuck at another event previously. Heh. Oops.

Za Rouge Affair (1)
ZOMG so much peeeeenk. I like!

Za Rouge Affair (2)
The stars of the night – the new Za Rouge Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge in 8 colours, $18.90 each

Za Rouge Affair (3)
Click, enlarge and learn baybehs – lip myths debunked

Za Rouge Affair (4)

Za Rouge Affair (5)
A closer look at the 8 shades

Za Rouge Affair (6)
What I like about Za (Shiseido) events – they always personalize stuff for us
Here’s a pass that sort of forces us to go through all the booths to do the various activities. Not that we needed the extra push though – it’s usually really interesting.

Za Rouge Affair (7)
One of the activities – throwing rosebuds into rose glasses. Beware the large rose buds – they bounce baybeh!

Za Rouge Affair (8)

Za Rouge Affair 8
I’ve got bow-shaped lips! Watch out Hunger Games, here I come!

Za Rouge Affair 9
Za Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge - Basically, this is a hybrid of a lipstick and a lip gloss – giving you intense color with a lip gloss’s shine.

Za Rouge Affair 10

Za Rouge Affair 11
Very soft and flexible sponge tip with a shallow spoon-shaped curve to help scoop out the appropriate amount of gloss.

Za Rouge Affair 12
Rich color achieved with 3 coats.

Za Rouge Affair 14
Just a couple of coats to get the color to show – it’s not particularly lightweight, but neither is it too thick. There’s no scent though.

Za Rouge Affair 13
PK251: Almost sheer light pink gloss.

RD391: Light cherry pink to add a flush of pink to your lips and your overall complexion.

Za Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge comes in 8 shades and costs S$18.90 each. Available from 30 Jan 2014 onwards. 

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