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Event: Rain at the Grand Opening of MCM Singapore

By Beautifulbuns

Zomg I’m so high from the adrenaline generated by the paparazzi wars that I can’t go to bed without posting these photos up first :D Feast your eyes laydees – I do wish Rain was less clothed though hurhurhur.

Rain at MCM 1

Rain at MCM 2

Rain at MCM 3

Rain at MCM 4
A closer look at Rain’s outfit

Rain at MCM 5

Rain at MCM 6

Rain at MCM 7

This has got to be the most awesome cake I’ve ever seen! Don’t eat it, no!

Rain at MCM 8
Here comes my bout of self-praise – don’t you love this shot of Rain’s fierce bodyguards standing behind him?

Rain at MCM 9
Finally! A hint of some impishness and life!

Rain at MCM 10
This dude doesn’t need Botox – his expressions are more or less the samey same. Much rain on my parade, no?

Rain at MCM 11
A real paparazzi moment – me taking this shot through the glass as Rain takes a photo with a VIM – Very Important Ajumma lol

Ok that’s about all the energy I have (in terms of selecting and editing photos) – stay tuned for my photos of the store itself!


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