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Event: Launch of Majolica Majorca Chapter 40 Eye Hunter and Ma Cherie Refill Packs

By Beautifulbuns

It’s almost the weekend! Now when I was younger, I used to paint not the town, but my bank account red, during the weekends by being a feckless spendthrift. These days, I’m still a feckless spendthrift. Why, were you expecting a moral of the story? hurhurhur. Ok fine, I admit I’ve gotten more savvy when it comes to shopping these days (taobao rocks my socks!)

Of course, being able to attend events and receive products to test and review have also helped in my product elimination process. Here are some products that I’ll be trying out this weekend, to my step aerobics class nonetheless, just to test out its staying power.

Majolica Line Hunter event
Omg pretty pink stuff! It’s like Barbie’s bedroom got deconstructed into the event hall

Majolica Line Hunter event (1)

Ma Cherie’s existing range of products will be supplemented with the new refill packs for the shampoos and conditioners in both Moisture and Air Feel types (4 in total). The Moisture Refill Pack for Shampoo and conditioner retail at $14.50 each while the Air Feel Refill Pack for Shampoo and Conditioner retail for $13.90 each.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering – it’s those squishy soft huggable-looking psychedelic packets in the middle.

Majolica Line Hunter event (2)
Ma Cherie’s selling point is its Champagne Honey Gelee that gives you fragrant and silky smooth hair

Majolica Line Hunter event (4)
Me being the ultimate hiao-por (local slang for vain piece of crap), I chose the extreme left vava-voom hair as my choice.

Majolica Line Hunter event (3)

Majolica Line Hunter event (7)
Here’s Chapter 40, the Eye Hunter collection consisting from L-R : Honey Pump Gloss Neo, $12.90 each, Line Hunter eyeliner, $19.90, and the Perfect Automatic Liner in 2 colours, $22.90 each

Majolica Line Hunter event (5)

Majolica Line Hunter event (6)
Honey Pump Gloss Neo comes in two colours for this chapter – OR202 Fast Talk and PK101 Inattention

Majolica Line Hunter event (9)
The new Line Hunter Eyeliner, $19.90, is sweat and sebum proof, and has a flat-tipped brush top that can be used to give both a thick and thin line. What’s more, it also contains essence to treat the eye area.

Majolica Line Hunter event (8)
Perfect Automatic Liner comes in two colours – VI303 Cool & Calm (purple) and RD303 Hot Blooded (reddish), $22.90 each. It has shimmery and pearlescent effects for smexy eyes

As always, reviews of the products will come soon (ok fine, I know I still owe quite a number of reviews from Chapter 39), after I’ve put them through my stress test

Chapter 40, Eye Hunter, will be available exclusively at selected Watsons stores from 6 March 2014 onwards.

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