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Evangelical America and the GOP: Their Perfect World in an Imperfect Society

Posted on the 16 June 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere" ~~ Voltaire
Self-denial sucks!...when you're all alone, in a world all of your own! Fighting a never-ending battle with the human race for the control of their hearts and minds...and forcefully impose their will, either through laws or by fear, intimidation, or criminal violence, their personal interpretations of the Bible. Sinclair Lewis' God-fearing March through "Main Street, USA" by the lowest denomination of Christianity...proudly 'holding the bible and wrapped in the flag'...has begun!
The self-proclaimed righteous march to the tune of their own drummer, while the PuppetMasters are carefully watching over and pulling their strings...using religious intolerance and social naiveté to create confusion, social disorder and political chaos. Exploiting religion to the religiously naive is quite simple.
The case of Evangelical Christian America; the open hostility of full blown Sociophobes...their Gynephobia and Homophobia has reached its zenith. Their entire life revolves around themselves, their beliefs, and their 'personal' interpretations of the Bible...their demands on society for everyone, every race, every ethnicity, every other live life as they want you to, whether by changing laws to suit their fancy, political pressure on the corruptible, or simply annoying the living shit out of the rest of America. They're determined to make America their very own Theocratic State at any cost...with a little help from their friends, the PuppetMasters...and 'their' own agenda!
A funny thing happened on the way to that Plutocratic Theocracy...the overwhelming majority of America does not agree with Evangelicals. Not everyone wants to be born again, not everyone wants to interpret the Bible any other way than their own. No religion or no atheist is greater than any other, but convincing human stupidity of that, is a futile effort. They can't win America?!?! go a cry at the United Nations and ally yourself with Batshit Evangelicals from around the world. A New World Religious Order to save humanity from themselves and convert 9 Billion people to their brand of Christianity!
Using the UN to exploit their agenda by promoting a legal definition from 67 years ago that the family is “the natural and fundamental group unit of society" Their solution they believe, will reverse Marriage Equality and the Women Equality Rights throughout the world for all Evangelicals.
We do live in a new world, a multicultural society, where Mix Race Relationships and Mix Race Marriages have become a Norm...Barack Obama, himself is a product of a mix-race marriage. Mix-Race, Mix-Ethnic relationships, Same-Sex Relationships..We're a truly Multicultural Society that has been rapidly growing up and flourishing, becoming a society of acceptance, where women, gays, and the blacks have become an acceptable and fundamental part of today's world ...time machines on the other hand are much as Evangelical America wants to regress back in time, life just keeps progressing forward and continues to eternally evolve. We're also a more educated society and not even the "Natural Family" BS controversy is going keep Same-sex marriage from being reality. It's the wheels of're not going to stop people from loving and caring fort each other! no matter what the mix! Let's just say Mix Marriages and Women's Rights are too big fail!!
Election 2016 isn't going to be about the Economy, it's far better than all those Republican Lies, it's not going to be about Foreign Affairs since that's a dysfunctional topic for the GOP...with no policies and no agenda...all the GOP has is their standard policy of continued accusations on any subject in the world by blaming Obama for all of it, and criticizing the rest of the world for basically the same things.
2016 is going to be about Morality, Character, the Filthy Rich, the very Poor, income disparity...and all the Negativity proudly offered by the GOP ...about Anti-Immigration, Anti-Education, Anti-Gay, Anti-Black, Anti-Women, Anti-Children, Anti-Welfare, Anti-Healthcare, Anti-Environment, and Anti-Science.
The GOP? or the Religious Right? Who will blame who after they lose in 2016? The Republican Party and their association with the Christian Far Right has become a victim of their own making!
The ‘Natural Family’: The Latest Weapon in the Christian Right’s New Global War on Gays - The Daily Beast

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