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European Start Up Accelerator Reveals Latest Startups and a Lot of Them Use the .io Extension

Posted on the 19 February 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

Tech Crunch did a story on Entrepreneur First which is a European accelerator for start-ups along the lines of the popular Y Combinator.

Entrepreneur First is the best place for Europe’s top technical individuals to meet and build world-changing startups in London. We select purely on the basis of technical talent, so you can apply before you have a team or an idea. Our intensive 7-month programme is designed to give you the best possible support in the first 100 days of your startup’s life. We’ve created 20 startups now worth …

The article today took a look at the start-ups that demo’d today and their pitch to investors. The one common theme when it came to the domain extensions used by these start-ups was .io. The tiny British Indian Ocean extension has been a favorite with start-ups but is also mired in some controversy. GigaOM wrote about how the people who should be benefiting are not.

Back to the Entrepreneur First list, there were 16 companies listed in the article and 7 of them are using a .io domain. When you look at those using a .com you will see that most had to add a prefix or use a hyphen. for Tyto – Visual-Wise for VisualWise – for Encore. There was one new gtld on the list, Magic Pony Technology is using MagicPony.Technology.

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