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Europe’s Dirtiest Fun Day Out – And It’s In Austria!

By Linda
Europe's Dirtiest Fun Day Out - In Austria

photo : Enokson’s photostream

Niederösterreich hosts an annual event that’s billed as Europe’s most extreme race – the Wild Pig Dirt Run. It’s also Europe’s dirtiest fun day out.

Wild Pig Dirt Run

In the dying days of summer, hundreds of hedonistic hill walkers, hikers and runners make their way to Lower Austria to watch or take part in the annual Wild Pig Dirt Run. It’s an extreme sports challenge, where contestants have to run for about 7 kilometres along rough forest tracks; up the mountainside; and down into gorges, before undertaking other physical challenges.

The challenges include mud baths as they cross beneath wooden bridges; carrying dummies on their back; and plenty of other obstacles and hurdles that have to be overcome. Then they run back to the beginning and do it all over again – 20 kilometres in all!

But they enjoy it. So much so that there’s a waiting list to get accepted onto the line up list. Over 1000 people took part this year. Here’s a sample of what the day is like:

Wild Pig Party

Unbelievable though it might be, when these dirty ‘pigs’ have finished their trotting about in the mud they head on down for a wonderfully wild party. Plenty of Kaiserwürst, speck, beer and sweet treats to be enjoyed. After running 20 kilometres, I think you’ll agree – they deserve it!

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