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Etude House || Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff in Review

By Marssyreese
Today I decided to make a review of this puff which I had for more than 5 months now I got this last year in Etude House Boutique @ NCCC Mall of Lanang, Davao City.
It was funny when I got this because at first I thought the price is Php 58.00 however when I was at the cashier to pay it turned out that the price is actually Php 178.00 lol! Tadaaaaa!!! I was like Öh is it really the price?lol! unexpected pricey thing" 
Though still I decided to get it because I did not have any sponge thingy to use for exfoliating J
So let me start with the packaging...
Etude House || Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff in ReviewPackaging

The puff is enclosed in a cute pinky plastic cellophane pouch. 

It is only the name of the product and the brand are written in English (Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff from Etude House) and the rest of the information are all written in hangul.
Etude House || Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff in Review

Etude House || Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff in Review

I use my cleansing foam from Missha with the puff

The puff is a round shape it is like half of the sphere shape. 
The size is 7-9 cm in diameter.
It is nice soft and springy texture

Etude House || Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff in Review

This is how it looks like once the puff is squeezed with the cleansing foam. It gives soft bubbles :)

How to use?
  1. Soak it into bowl of water, let it wet.
  2. Squeeze excess of the water
  3. Rub it on your face gently, or use with your cleansing foam. 

Etude House || Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff in Review

This how I want the puff to become before I gently scrub it into my face

Final Thought
Well, first thing I wet the puff with plain water then squeeze a good amount of cleansing foam. I use either my Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam or my Near Skin - Extra Renew Cleansing Foam with the puff. 
Once the foam sits in the puff gently squeeze it for 4-6 times (it is indeed jelly soft and springy) until it produces bubbles. 

Start scrubbing it soft & gently to the surface of my face. It feels so soft while exfoliating the skin and it gives a kind cleaning touch which is I like the most and it is never harsh at all. I love it! 

Other thing why I like this puff is that it claims to be a 100% natural vegetable but I am wondering what for specific vegetable it is made from...

Surely, I would absolutely purchase this puff again soon since mine is almost giving up. 

I'm thinking of trying another  brand of jelly puff which is available here in NL
                 CCCCC4.5 / 5
                   Php 178.00Availability
                   All Etude House stores
I heard/read about the japanese konjac sponge J I want to give it a try if I can get it soon here in NL.

Alrighty, I think that's all I can share for now about this jelly puff from Etude House.

Let me know what sponge/puff are using and how you find it. I want to hear you in the comments belowH

Marssy Reeseœ
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Etude House || Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff in Review

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