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By Myparadissi @myparadissi

People say that you have to see art with your heart and not with your eyes, and that's what hooked me with Boriana Mihailovska's impeccable abstract portraits. They spoke right into my heart. They made me feel things. They were brought to life right the first moment I saw them, grasped my attention, took my hand and traveled me to unspoken paths of memory, loss and love. It is this sort of gallery quality art that one can invest on without second thoughts at the ease of a button click through the incredible collection of artworks in her store, varying from large scale original pieces to smaller ones and budget friendly printed versions of them.

Follow after the jump to read Boriana's interview and also find a discount code for her store at the bottom of this post.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your store.

I'm an artist currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have a Master of art degree in Fine arts from the Bulgarian National Academy of Arts. As long as I graduated I gave birth to my first daughter. And the focus of my dedication moved from my art to my family. So I'd postponed my creative aspirations for a while. Then with the birth of my second daughter, I was feeling more comfortable. Along with my self-confidence in family my desire to create my own art came back and I accepted a colleague proposition to share his studio for a while. Step by step I started to work again and when the opportunity to have a studio nearby home arose I had no doubts to rent it. I decided to open an ETSY shop and sell art prints of my originals to cover my work expenses and launch my career as an artist. Meanwhile, I had been working as a jewelry and home accessories designer, I've designed for commercials and TV spots, I've worked in film productions - all of this experience influenced somehow my artwork and the management of my shop.

What is it that makes your products special?

It's the Gyclee technology that allows reproducing an image high quality. It's the same one that museums and art galleries use to make reproductions. Printed out on specially designed heavy fine art paper with archival inks with high life expectancy, each print is not only close to the original but becomes an artwork. And each of them is hand-signed from me.


What products have you enjoyed working on the most and why?

During the years I'd received requests for original works, but thought I'd try to be moderate, the price range had been an obstacle for some clients to invest in my art. So I decided to reduce the scale and start a collection of small original works. Which appeared to be a huge challenge for I had always been working the bigger I could to be more expressive. And once I'd dramatically reduced the formats I was afraid to lose the power and temper I had been used to. But It had appeared to be an interesting and thrilling experience. And I'm fully enjoining it now.

What influences your work?

People...Nature, of course, but what propels me most are people. Strong personalities, visionaries, individuals with ideas, open-minded people whose curiosity can transform a notion into a reality. People hungry for answers, tracing their hard but unique path. I get strongly touched by acts of grit, compassion, kindness, courage. Each of my abstract portraits is not just a visual creation of the outer physicality but also an assertion of one's inner virtues and features.




Describe your studio. What do you like the most about it?

I love my studio. Though it's small It has a stunning view over the city to the mountain. It's a walking distance through a beautiful park and gives me the luxury to isolate from the world and focus on my work.

Tell us a feedback from a customer that put a smile on your face.

Best feature of having an ETSY shop is the close encounter with the clients. I've never imagined that my work might reach so many and various people all over the world. Few days ago I've read in an Instagram post that one of my clients has never had the courage to invest in art until the moment he's got fond in a work of mine. Then he's bought it and that has encouraged him to deepen his curiosity in art.

Boriana is kindly offering a 15% off in her store with coupon code BM15OFF for purchases of $100 and more (valid until the end of the year)

You can find Boriana on Instagram, Pinterest and her site.

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