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Essentials for Professional Blogger, No Matter What Niche You Blog

Posted on the 17 September 2015 by Dreamtechie

This blogpost of DreamTechie is going to introduce five essentials of a professional blogger. By following those essentials one can come more closer to professional blogging. All the amateur bloggers are ‘most welcomed’ here,  and we believe you are at the right place.

This post is also going to help a lot to hobby bloggers who wanted to look like a pro-blogger among thousands of other bloggers.

For a blogger, who is very serious about his blogging and wants to something really BIG with his blogging, I believe there are some essentials those will make you more serious and professional in your hobby cum work ‘BLOGGING’.

Essentials for Professional Blogger

Get a Self Hosted Domain Blog –

When you are serious about your blogging and you know your final destination then why are you not migrating your free blog to self hosted blog?

Are you really in that much love with Blogspot or Free WordPress?

Let me share one thing if you are not migrating just because of technical stuff then be bold and take the initiative. You can take help out from many other professional bloggers or developers.

It can be little tough and expensive for you to take decision but on a longer run the self hosted blog will going to benefit you more than the free one.

Even if I talk about from the earning point of views, marketing agencies always prefer self hosted blogs for their campaigns, so go and make your blog a self hosted one.



Get a Proper Bio and a Professional Photo –

When you want to be recognized as an individual blogger then, why to hide yourself from your readers?

Your regular readers are your real assets; they have right to know, whom they are reading? , what is the purpose of website where they spent their valuable time?

So, it is your responsibility to share your proper bio and blog’s purpose along with your professional looking picture through blog’s ‘About Us’ page. And don’t miss to add your contact details as well.

About Us Page LetUsPublish

Example About Us Page From My Another Blog


I will suggest you all, to use similar picture or the pictures where you can be easily identified, on all your social profiles (I am using the 2nd option).

Don’t forget to set your ‘Gravatar’ picture as well, Most of the sites pick your photo from your email by which you registered on that site. One Perfect example is for Indian Bloggers.

You can also get the profile like I have to be more reachable –

Be more professional with Visiting Card –

So, you have Your Business Card?

Can you please share your Blog URL?

Where you blog?

How can I contact you?

You are going to hear these kinds of queries, whenever you will visit some blogger meets and seminars.

And you cannot share your blog URL and contact details with each and every person so better to go for ‘Visiting Cards’. It is much easier to share the business card when someone asks the questions like above.

Visiting Card professional blogger India

Active Blog’s Social Profiles –

You change your Facebook status twice a day, you tweet and retweet other’s tweet thrice a day, that’s completely okay but are you updating your blog’s social profiles as well?

Are you working to improve your brand’s follower base and to engage your current followers? Think it..

If not, then you are making a BIG Mistake. You are building yourself as a ‘Brand’, that’s so nice but your blog’s social profiles are also your responsibility, so start taking caring of those as well.  You can use these social media tools to manage your all brand pages and blogs.

Now you do business Globally –

So you have taken all the BIG steps to be professional now and after some time, for sure you are going to get business proposals or might be some advertisement requests from global then how you are going to receive Payments?

Bank Transfer? Are you sure?

No brand or marketing teams will like that option and in-fact in most the cases it will not work as well.

For global payments you must have set your Paypal account to receive payments. To register now visit this link.

Hope above read will be beneficial for blogger buddies; don’t forget to share your opinions below. I will be happy to see more intakes from other bloggers.

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