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Erica Campbell Turned Down Opportunities That Didn’t Line Up With Her Faith

By Firstladyb

Erica Campbell, who has ventured into the hair business, with her wig line,  revealed to Forbes that there were opportunities that she had to turn down that didn’t line up with her faith.

Erica CampbellThe First Lady of Cali Worhsip venturing into a wig and extension line makes good business sense. But, not all celebrity-endorsed merchandise is a good idea. Campbell elaborates.

“They brought energy drinks to me that weren’t healthy, that were bad for the body,” says the Grammy winner, radio host, church first lady and WE TV celebrity reality star “I said no to it. There was a tour opening up for a huge artist but, they didn’t love Jesus at all and I said no to that. There’s so many things I had to say no to because it didn’t line up with what I believe in. If I can’t lay down at night and feel good about it? I can’t do it.”

But Campbell, a former hairdresser, saw an opportunity with a hair care line – especially one with a high-profile celebrity stylist (DC based Vernon Martin). Their line, named Erica by Erica Campbell, is exactly one year old and has had some highs and lows, but the crew of two are figuring out how to move forward to more profits. The first distributor wasn’t quite right, she says, and after switching supplies and distributors, they finally found the quality and heft they needed to help women in the United States created quality hairpieces and wigs from real human hair imported from India.

“It was a rocky start, but a year later things are going well,” says Campbell. “Fun, fabulous and affordable. That’s us. If you put hair in a vending machine people would buy it.  It’s so hard to find good hair that doesn’t tangle, that can take color and that you can manipulate and keep for a while.”

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