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Episode 154, Odds of Another American Revolution, Part 2

Posted on the 18 February 2015 by Shrugger
Episode 154, Odds of Another American Revolution, Part 2Part 2 of a two-part show speculating on the next American revolution.
Who would fight on the side of "the crown", the central government? Who would fight on the side of the resistance, the Patriots? What events would produce the numbers of Patriots willing to resist the central government to the point that a revolution would even get started?
Would secession of one or more states be the means by which a revolution would start? If so, how would that unfold? Alternatively, how would a revolution start without a secession?
What role would the military play? How would each side use propaganda, intelligence, and espionage?  Would a modern revolution in America resemble the Civil War, using the weapons and techniques of today? What new weapon emerging today could prove decisive? Would nuclear weapons be used?
In my discussion of the prospects for another revolution, I cite the writings of Tom Baugh, specifically this series of essays, which I find to be insightful, indispensable, and quite possibly definitive when it comes to the topic of another American revolution.
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Pete Ferron

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