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EP Review: Jack Ellis - Out Of Luck. And Yet WE ARE LUCKY to Have Such a Stormy, Confident and (emotionally) Intense Blues/alt-rock Blend for Our Listening Pleasure

Posted on the 07 September 2018 by Vanessa Holthausen @NessiHolt

EP review: Jack Ellis - Out Of Luck. And yet WE ARE LUCKY to have such a stormy, confident and (emotionally) intense blues/alt-rock blend for our listening pleasure
Fortune favours the bold. A saying that men of ancient times upheld even back then (it's Vergil's words of wisdom 'audentis fortuna iuvat' that might come to mind here). 
And though it seems as if cardiff-based artist Jack Ellis hasn't tempted his fate with his latest musical outing 'Out Of Luck', as he refrained from relying on the very same solely when sending out four new tracks and one familiar into the unknown that is his audience's favour, it still proves a bold move for the release of new music always is. Fortunately Mr. Ellis' music on its own is bold enough to make a (both melodiously and narratively) forceful impression, easily enables its listeners to have a fancy for it in no time. 

EP Opener 'The Barrel Of Your Gun' shows said effect (winning its audience's affection without a hitch) in the most impressive fashion: suspensefully combined, storytelling and sound create a melodiously tense and dense atmosphere, one that is infectiously impulsive and sonorously grave at once. Ellis' vocal performance, sometimes ardently arcane, sometimes glowingly confident, adds to the song's slowly shaped but ultimately staggering tonal crescendo, is joined by reckless riffage and adamantly upbeat percussions, is intensified through dramatically riveting and stirringly soaring harmonies. A felicitous, no convincing kick-off for sure! 

Followed by what the avid aficionado of the singer/songwriter's music should have already learnt to love, the listener faces daringly blues-infused instrumentals, a fervently gleaming and melodiously nonchalant vocal lead with recent single 'Small Change'; a thrilling and gritty tune in total which pays off due to its intense and incisive tonal appeal

A different, more mesmerizing and moony tone is struck with 'Merrygoround': picture yourself on a dark, rainy day, indulging in the cozy but gripping sonority of this poignantly wistful gem, and you'll find it's the perfect setting for the song to work. Haunting harmonies (courtesy of Emi McDade) and warmly passionate vocals, a powerful, steady drum pulse, an alluring blend of sharp, ethereally misty strings and riffs - it all ensures that the third-placed track on 'Out Of Luck' is one not easily to be forgotten. And if you didn't pay enough attention to it by now, make amends and listen (over and over) again. 

Raising a roaring and rousing wall of sound, 'Pistol Twisted Tongue' dashes bravely forward next, rightly bragging about feisty vocal swagger, stormy rhythms and fiercely surging guitar play. And what an energetically sparking and fuzzy fast-paced belter it is indeed!
Temptingly moody and tenderly hazy is how closing title 'Temptation' presents itself to us at last: the EP's final offering rises to be an atmospherically absorbing, emotionally vehement and yet gently luring tune, full of passion and desire. And who are we to not give in? 
So, stop reading and start listening now. [wise people also wouldn't miss out on purchasing a physical copy of 'Out Of Luck' here nor would they skip on the EP launch tomorrow night, more information and tickets to be found here.]
EP review: Jack Ellis - Out Of Luck. And yet WE ARE LUCKY to have such a stormy, confident and (emotionally) intense blues/alt-rock blend for our listening pleasure

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