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Entertainers I Want to Sing My Wedding song…Part II

Posted on the 11 October 2011 by Karibestrycki @bloglikeitshot

Jessica Simpson – ‘I Wanna Love You Forever’

Entertainers I want to sing my wedding song…Part II

Photo Courtesy: citychickbuzz.wordpress.com

This. Jam. Will. Never. Get. Old. Released in 1999, this is Simpson’s most successful single to date…and it’s clear why.

The music video was obviously filmed back in the day when Jessica had the wholesome gal with a preacher dad image.

Video premise: Jessica is singing her face off at a photo shoot wearing a jean jacket and there are some sunflowers thrown in there too.

Simpson makes a total 360 from jean jacket to a leather belly shirt ensemble in “Irresistible.” Wouldn’t mind Jessica screaming this song either…just throwing it out there.

Jessica sings this jam with such fierceness, it’s like she’s singing to Jesus. Personally, I have tried to get on Jessica’s level. I am known for popping in my Jessica Simpson mix cd while in traffic and screaming the lyrics to neighboring vehicles. Let’s just say, I’m not winning a Grammy anytime soon.

Favise lyrics: “I wanna love you forever/And this is all I’m asking of you/10,000 lifetimes together/Is that so much for you to do?”

I can only wish/pray/get a lucky fortune cookie that I will enjoy 10,000 lifetimes with my husband.

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