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Entertain. It's the Only Way to Go Viral In Social Media Marketing

Posted on the 22 March 2013 by Gumptionent @gumptionent
Ever notice how you spontaneously break out in laughter? The friend you're walking along side of thinks you're nuts. Actually, ever notice why? It's because you saw something (a brass door nob) or heard something (the word, 'ostracize') that triggered a memory of something else that was really funny. So that "something" became a trigger for your laughter. That something, with no funny or pleasing qualities in and of it's own, became associated with joy in your mind.
Ever notice how nobody is downloading your iPhone app or buying your ebook or ordering from your Magento eCommerce store? It's because your products, apps, or books don't evoke a visceral (always wanted to use that word) pleasurable emotion. If they did, your stuff would sell like hotcakes at a trucker rally.
'Wait. "My stuff," is a technical manual on cleaning teflon coated egg poachers. It can't be pleasurable.'

Entertain. It's the Only Way to Go Viral In Social Media Marketing
That's where you're wrong. Remember the ostracized nob. Your stuff doesn't have to be pleasant or funny at all. It just needs to evoke the feeling of joy and it will sell upon sight. How do you do that? Talk to an entertainment consultant like Gumption. You've got to figure out a way to present your product in a way that's:
1. Persuasive (your department)
2. Compelling (your department)
3. Memorable (Gumption's department)
4. Pleasing (Gumption's department)
You accomplish these four things and your product won't be the only thing that flies off the shelves. Even the ads and marketing messages about your products will go viral.
If you're not comfortable working with an entertainment consultant who can bring music, storytelling, and visuals into your marketing message. Remember that even guys like Frank Sinatra didn't write his own music or play his own instruments. He brought in the best in the business to make him shine.
Make your dull boring product, book, Android or iPhone app the trigger for intense happiness and people will buy all day long.

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