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Entering the Race: The Man Donald Trump Can't Live without...Donald Trump!

Posted on the 17 June 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Yes! Yes! Yes! To the delight of every Comedian, every Democrat, every Republican candidate who needs desperately reporters off their backs for a while, and every TV News Producer looking for more and more insanity to come out from the Republican Party's quadrennial festive. The 3 Ring Circus...with the greatest Cast of Clowns ever assembled!...aka...your GOP Presidential Debates and Primaries!!
Enter the Clown Prince of arrogant absurdity, the man Donald Trump can't live without...Donald Trump!!
Mr."Family Values", himself!  He made his grande entrance from his Thrown at Trump Towers, and everything so far appears to be building up to a wild and crazy ride for The Donald. The man basks on the art of Trump jokes, old Trump jokes...hey! whatever it takes to get him in the Top 10%. He loves those TV Cameras and the limelight. If the first time was bad enough, wait to you see him know!! you haven't seen nothing yet!
On Donald Trump; Jon Stewart said, there is one way to keep him going on The Daily Show. The only way to keep him from retiring is to pick Donald Trump as President. “They’re all very colorful characters, but for me...for me...there can be only one Fuckface von Clownstick…”
All the Money, the Power, and good business skills doesn't make you anymore intelligent a politician, than a Religious freak that gets elected in a 'gerrymandered' district with a solitary agenda of converting the US Government into a Theocracy. Donald Trump couldn't get elected Dog Catcher in New York City...when money can't buy the love or respect of the community, arrogance helps him dedicate buildings to himself!  He's anything but a Politician or a Lawmaker...but America and the World gotta put up with his antics and his horseshit...apparently every four years, now.
What's crossing his hair, now...besides his bright orange shine? America is not tough enough anymore!...we're all pussy! ISIS? they can't operate without $$$, so we take their oil away...send in the Oil Companies and take it away from them! Right!! Right!! And if that doesn't work? “I would hit them so hard. I would find you a proper general, I would find the Patton or MacArthur. I would hit them so hard your head would spin.” With all due respect to Patton and MacArthur...they both were fired by 'their' bosses, for thinking exactly the same way as President Trump!
Diplomacy? A word not familiar to the arrogance of the Trumpster. They are going to deal with Trump on his terms and settle on his terms...because? he's a shrewd businessman and is going to make America great again! Why? because he said so! Mexico? China? they all going to melt like putty in the presence of the great Yellow Hair. Why? because he said so! How to run a government? Install Corporate CEOs to run different parts of the Government and negotiate all our Foreign Policy! How Democratic!?!?
At the end...all his absurdities, his ignorant train of thoughts, his gaffes, his up stuck vicious arrogance and demeanor, and his constant aura of superiority...all that, just makes him look like the asshole he's always been. That trait, and his constant personal criticism of the GOP, its policies, its leadership, and his rivals...don't sit too well with the upper crust of the GOP leadership. Like the asshole that he really is, the file and rank will only view him as Bozo the Clown...with hair and all! Donald Trump for President? his mind, he would be King!  
With the quality of candidates, their policies, the party's future agendas, and the current chaos among themselves...Dumbos may not perform with Ringling Bros. anymore but you have your share of them with the GOP! The Elephant remains the glorious symbol of the Grand Old Party...ironically, they're truly becoming in every shape, way, and form...a White Elephant!
Donald Trump Is Actually Running For President. God Help Us All.

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