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Enigmatic Beauty of the Land of Thunder Dragon-Bhutan

By Anooppt @anoopppt
Enigmatic Beauty of the Land of Thunder Dragon-Bhutan Drukair's Airbus surcharged in the countrywide colours of yellow and orange swerved piercingly to the left above the Himalayas to lead for an unanticipated v-shaped aperture in the mountains like a huge Brahminy kite diving down on its quarry. The view of Bhutan from plane after barely improved pleasure of soaring next to the world’s top mountain peaks like Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Dhaulagiri, Jumolhari and Makalu is that you a traveler needs to complete the journey, the feeling which adds the extra spices to this journey is thrilling and equally mesmerizing.
Enigmatic Beauty of the Land of Thunder Dragon-Bhutan One can just imagine the excitement while in Bhutan to last longer ever and ever with the gateway to the mystical kingdom of Bhutan which is ruled by Jigme Kesar Namgyel Wangchuk-fifth king of Bhutan is awe inspiring. Nestled in between luxuriant slopes of cypress, oak and pine and spotted in the foothills with conventional cottages and Buddhist Stupas along with the flapping white flags and scintillating Chu River, Paro is someplace that is magical acting like a greeting place carpeted with sceneries to welcome every guests of Bhutan. The one hour journey from Paro to Thimpu is beyond words to describe. Described as "the last Shangri La on earth" by Lonely Planet, it is enigmatic and a must visit country."Felicitations to the Royal Couple on their Wedding", with a huge poster with a coloured photograph of the King and his wife Gyaltusuen Jetsun Pema Wangchuk whom the people have chosen as their most beloved person of the country through Gross National Happiness (GNH) rather than Gross National Product (GNP) is what will make you emotional and happy together at times on your journey. The kingdom now calls itself as a democratic constitutional monarchy, though the couples will celebrate their first wedding anniversary in October this year. Immigration is a waft with Indians requiring no visa and other foreigners have to pay $200 per person. Hyundai Santros and Maruti Suzukis with a count of 66, 000 dominate the number of vehicles in the country. There are much hairpin bends but no one traveling in a Hyundai Santro honked as the driver was driving in a comfortable way on the way to the capital city. Thimpu is not that it was couple of decades ago, it is much changed now with more than 50, 000 people, more markets, hotels and restaurants and fresh construction everywhere., and house decorated with created roofs and glided windows all carrying the local icons of lotus and dragon. There was also an omnipresent phallic sign hanging from the roof space of Bhutanese homes to ward off malicious spirits."Phallic rites emerge all over in our everyday lives, spotting events that array from the dull to the historic. The beginning of a calf for example, the buy of a latest truck, or the omen of a brand new home all virtues a bob to the most excellent phallus," as in the words of a Bhutanese writer. With a population of 700, 000 whose history dates back to the derivation of Buddhism, the exotic individuality of these people is hugely derivated from a cultural and spiritual heritage architected for a melodious development of man with natural world. The obsession of the Bhutanese can be obtained from the media debate about the installation of traffic light at the downtown crossing which was ultimately won by the conventionalists backed up by the King, resulting in the dismantle of the same. At present, with policeman directing traffic order under a crafted shelter, the land of the thunder dragon as it is referred by the locals continues with its flimsy amidst modernity and their aged old tradition for which it is popular among tourists and locals.

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