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Energy Hacks- Wellbeing and Business Podcast Episode 5

By Geoff Griffiths @mmatraining1980

Episode 5 of my podcast

looking upwards increases energy, looking down decreases it. So make sure if you work on a computer that you are looking straight ahead at your monitor

Cold exposure like a cold shower increases dopamine and noradrenaline

Niacin decreases inflammation, also helps with producing NAD which is important for energy production in the cells.

Reducing inflammation will tend to enhance energy. Curcumin, PEA, high EPA fish oil and pine bark are all great anti inflammatories

Exercise also a great way to increase energy levels. Especially outdoor exercise

Breathing techniques – deep slow breathing tends to calm you down. Rapid breathing will increase energy levels, be careful it can also increase anxiety.

PQQ, acetyl l carnitine and coQ10 help enhance energy levels- they influence energy production in mitochondria in the cells. Carnitine also makes me fart horrifically though.


hot baths, baths with Epson salts, magnesium gylycinate, glycine, apigenin are all great for enhancing sleep

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