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Endless Saturday Afternoons – Verse Us (Poems by Me)

By Andrew Furst @a_furst

Crimson Japanese maple leaf

Fallen; huddled
amongst siblings over their mother’s roots.
Fallen suddenly
As though timed to the moon or the length of the day.
Or the stride of something ancient.

It’s not like they died.
Dutiful children,
warming her roots for the winter.
Dutiful children,
Even as they wither,
Wither away from the likeness of youth,
And those last bold vibrant hues.

I was drawn
to pick this one;
Carry it along for a while at the end of my meditation.
I was drawn
to pick this corpse
Cut off from the sap of her mother.

Letting go
decrementing life?
The tree; or some particular vein or stomata?
Letting go
I could not add
or subtract anything in my mind

Letting go
I could not see
life’s passing in this leaf.

So I set her on the shrine
And moved on.

– Endless Saturday Afternoons (Andrew Furst)

The image is from Hans Hofmann’s Black Demon, 1944. (Addison Gallery of American Art)

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