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EmTech India 2016 Conference – A Platform Powered By Mint & MIT Technology Review to Empower Young Entrepreneurs

Posted on the 10 December 2015 by Devender Singh @DevenderSingh93

Mint and MIT Technology Review joined hands together to bring EmTech India – an iconic stage where innovation, business, and society joins each other. It unites business pioneers, trailblazers, business people, and change makers who are energetic about turning so as to tend to major worldwide issues and thoughts into key solutions.

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This stage will showcase rising technological advancements that have the best potential to change our lives furthermore give an entrance point to the most inventive individuals and organizations on the planet. It will be an astounding chance to take a look at the future and comprehend the advances that will change the reality of business in coming future.

The world’s most persuasive pioneers and trend-setters are coming to EmTech India. Get roused and get notification from the individuals who are driving the up and coming era of mechanical leaps forward as the world’s most persuasive pioneers and trend-setters meet up at EmTech India.

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Innovators Under 35

The main goal of this conference is to select the top 1o innovators under the age of 35 from India, who embody the soul of development in business and innovation. Organized by MIT Technology Review since 1999, the prestigious Innovators under 35 Global competition has respected a portion of the world’s most splendid personalities, for example, Mark Zuckerberg, JB Straubel, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. This year, Mint and MIT Technology Review meet up to convey this notorious chance to the best trend-setters in India.

We encourage you to nominate young researchers and entrepreneurs who are using technology to come up with creative and inspirational projects that provide solutions to global problems. The 10 honourees are recognized not only for their advances in a field of research, but also for their capacity to make an impact on society as a whole, and to lead the future of technology.

Why India is the Best Place to Hunt Young Innovators?

We believe India is the perfect place to look for young innovative minds in technology field and here are the reasons:

  1. There are more than 22 languages spoken in India and due to variety of cultural norms a solution that works in one part of India may not work in another part,” That forces young innovators to create more flexible, tailored solutions—one size most definitely cannot fit all.
  1. Liberty is an important element of an innovation society. India is based on a democracy where people don’t expect much from the government, so ideas are free to flow from the bottom in a fluid way. For example, a young man experiences the constant bumpy roads in his hometown. Instead of trying to get the road fixed, he retrofits his bicycle with a makeshift device that converts the shocks it receives into acceleration energy—allowing his bicycle to run faster on bumpy roads.

Key Themes of the EmTech 2016 Conference

The key themes have been picked up in association with the editors of MIT Technology Review. We trust that rising advances will be at the heart of the answer for our most noteworthy human issues. This year we look at emotional headways in the field of transportation, artificial reasoning, apply autonomy, wearable’s, enlarged information, bio-engineering, fintech, cyber security, and rising advancements concentrated on giving smart administration and smart cities, towns and villages for the general population of India.

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Timeline for EmTech 2016 Conference

2nd November: TR35 India nominations open

31st December: Closing of nominations

January: Judging and selection process

30th January: Announcement of 10 honourees via website and press release

Being an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast this looks like a golden ticket to us for entering into the world of innovation and futuristic technology. This will definitely help young entrepreneurs to get a better understanding of changing scenarios around the business world due to technological changes and innovations.

Hurry Up!!! Nominate yourself and your deserving friends to become a part of this great conference event.

You can also submit your queries related to this conference below in the comments section.

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