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Economic Empowerment of Muslim Women!!Why and How?

Posted on the 12 December 2012 by Azharnadeem

Economic empowerment of Muslim womenIslam is the religion of peace, tranquility and equality. No doubt, Allah (S.W.T) can’t be unfair about anyone’s rights. Now-a-days people often portrayed Islam in some wrong context. One reason is the lack of true and authentic knowledge about Islam. And the other is the wrong perspectives of the so called presently prevailing Islamic societies in the world. The fault is not in the Islamic teachings; in fact the fault is “OURS”. We are the ones who are portraying our religion in some wrong context. If we would be fair and just about the teachings of Islam and perform each and every duty of us as assigned by Allah; then no one have the courage to say anything fallacious about us.

It is sadly said that now-a-days not only the non-Muslims but also the Muslims are taking Islam in a wrong way. OK! If we talk about the non-Muslims; then we can give moderate consideration to the fact that as they have no knowledge about our religion, so whatever they say can easily be regarded as the lack of knowledge. But what if the Muslims say so about their very own religion?? Will it be fine? Will it be just? Having no idea or the real knowledge about anything will give you every right to analyze it in your own way? Is our religion “Islam” is so cheap that anyone can just stand up and say anything rubbish and crap about it? Definitely, the answer is a big “NO”.

Actually we people are confusing the Islamic teachings with the Islamic societies prevailing in the world. The general perception is that whatever is happening in any Islamic society, right or wrong, we consider it as what said by the Islam, or the part of Islamic teachings. It’s totally unfair. We really need to broaden up our views and need to see things in some broader perspective. Another thing we are required to do is to stop relating the real Islamic teachings to that of what Islamic societies are practicing. Because, to tell you the truth no one of the presently prevailing Islamic societies are truly acting upon all the pure Islamic concepts and neither applying them in their societies. Our societies are no doubt “man dominating” but Islam won’t believe in such dominance. Because, it spreads the message of “equality” and “balance”.

Now let’s try to evaluate few of the questions. Questions like…who actually is a Muslim woman? What are the duties she has been given by Islam? What are the rights she actually has been gifted by Allah? Where is her actual position in the society? Is she been discriminated by Islam or by the society? Does the western woman have more rights as compared to that of a Muslim woman? Does the terms: modernization, liberalization, having full freedom, having equal rights means nakedness of a woman? If so…then “who can be more modern other than the animals?

The status of woman in Islam is unique. Islam is the only religion which saves the new born baby girl from being buried. Islam gives woman her proper position in society and honors her with high respect as mother, cherishes her as daughter, delighted her as sister and grants her a protective shield as wife.

People also use to argue about the inferiority of social position of Muslim woman on the basis of Islamic teachings of guardianship of marriage, polygamy, divorce and purdah. Islam totally rejects the notion that man is more honored and dignified as that of the woman. In the light of Islam, both man and woman are equal. None of them is inferior or superior. The Holy Quran declared that “whoever works righteousness, man and woman, and has faith, verily, to Him will we give a new life that is good pure, and we will bestow on such their reward according to the best of their actions” (16:97)

Islam actually assigns different activities for both, man and woman. The field of man is outside the home and for woman is her house. The first priority of woman should be her home, her family, her husband and her children. By nature Allah has made the man physically strong and woman emotionally strong. Woman has the great responsibility of handling household affairs. But that doesn’t mean that Islam restrain woman from social and economic development or from public affairs and activities. For the basic and moral education and training of the child, mother is most suitable as that of anyone else. The social, economic and every kind of security which Islam provides to woman no other religion can even come close to it. In the honor of woman,

 Prophet (P.B.U.H) said

 “A man who has a daughter and he neither despises her nor buried her alive nor prefer son to daughter, Allah will admit him in heaven.” (Abu daud)

According to Islam, society is responsible for the protection of human rights. Islam permits woman, with the limits of Shariah, to participate in the economic affairs too. No one can interfere in this matter. Even her husband has no right to make use of her personal wealth.

The Quran has declared this in the words:

“And covet not the thing in which Allah hath made some of you excel other. Unto man a fortune from that which they have earned and unto woman a fortune from that which they have earned. But ask Allah for his bounty. Allah is full knowing of all things.” (4:32)

Now let us try to find out some further issues regarding the rights of Muslim woman in the context of getting education. Acquiring knowledge is highly emphasized in Islam. This is an integral part of Islam. There is no distinction based on sex, for acquiring knowledge. Prophet (P.BU.H) said: “To acquire knowledge is compulsory on all believers, both male and female.”

Islam gives the right of independent ownership of rights to woman. Islam has laid down certain condition as a code of conduct for her to be strictly followed in every economic effort. Therefore, it will not be permissible for her to take any kind of financial activities which may be a burden on her prime duties and responsibilities. She is not allowed to work outside home where free mixing with man is unavoidable. And all this is because of the fact that Islam really cares about the respect of their woman and want to safeguard her dignity.

 The position of woman is also secure as far as inheritance is concerned. Although women have given half the share of man, their financial situation in the long run is guaranteed. This is due to the fact that the marriage contract gives her the right to ask for “Mahr” as well as claim maintenance.

Muslim Women are Queens

In the ending note, I would just like to add up an incident to cheer up my fellow Muslim ladies.

“Once there was an English man who asked a question from an Aalim about the importance and value of a Muslim lady in the social circle. He asked that why the Muslim women are not allowed to shake hand with the strangers? On his question the Aalim gave him a contented smile and in return asked a question.

Aalim: How many of you got a chance to shake hand with your Queen Elizabeth?

English man: Only the lucky ones got the chance for this.

Aalim: Same is the case with Muslim women. They are the “QUEENS” and only the chosen ones have the privilege to shake hand with them. And those chosen ones are called as “Mehrum” in Islam.”

So QUEENS!!! Be proud of being the Muslim ladies. And astound the world with your social and economic freedom and dignity which Allah (S.W.T) has awarded you.

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