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Eating a Wholesome Foods Diet, The Right “Lifestyle” for YOU, and Benefits of an Anti Inflammatory Diet

By Healyounaturally @healU_naturally
Eating a Wholesome Foods Diet, The Right “Lifestyle” for YOU, and Benefits of an Anti Inflammatory Diet

An anti-inflammatory diet full of wholesome foods is the ideal for optimal health. When you aren't feeling at your best, performance, mood, and physical health will deteriorate....

Although you may be following a particular "diet" or lifestyle, you still feel off and can't understand what it is or you get sick and dis-eased...

In today's show, we are going to talk about the reasons why "your particular diet" may not be right for you, and the amazing benefits of eating wholesome foods and most importantly- adapting to an Anti-inflammatory diet.

Tune into today's #HYNwellnesspodcast #7 to find out if you are on the right track or should make some adjustments to feel your very best - Enjoy the show!

Show Notes and Topics Discussed:

  • Tyler Jean talks about his experience with the Vegan diet & his lifestyle now
  • The Importance of the wholefoods "lifestyle" suitable for YOUR body
  • The Importance of an Anti-inflammatory diet
  • What's inflammation and the best way to address it today

[note note_color="#eef5e3″ text_color="#251716″ radius="9″]If you don't have good stomach acid your stomach is not going to be able to digest fats, proteins or any other foods.[/note]

Lab Tests Recommended in the Podcast:

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Links mentioned in the show:

Emotional influences on food choice: sensory, physiological and psychological pathways.

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