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Eat the Butter – New Animated Short Film

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

Confused about dietary advice? Tired of eating whole grains and vegetable oil and not getting any healthier? It's time to go back to real, full-fat food.

Feel free to check out the animated short above, and share it with others who could be interested!

The background

When I am not writing recipes or guides for Diet Doctor, I work over at Eat the Butter, doing what I can to spread the word about real-food-more-fat eating. Mostly, I try to reach out to mothers, figuring that they do most of the grocery shopping. And they are training our next generation of eaters.

So what do I say to a mainstream mom to let her in on the good news that cutting back on carbs and eating more full-fat food could help her family? What will she be ready to hear, and what will make an impression? What blend of science and common sense will help chip away at the decades of low-fat hype? Even trickier, what messages might she share with her friends, sustaining our word-of-mouth movement? And what is the best channel to reach her?

Unfortunately, I don't know the answers to these really key questions. If you do, please write to me in the comments! But, as I await the wisdom of the crowd, I do a bunch of different things. I blog. I tweet. I post. I write a newsletter. I speak. I meet with community leaders about the possibility of local outreach. But as I do all of these things, I often have thoughts like, "Does the world need another blog post? Will this make a difference to someone?" It is hard to gauge progress.

I am inspired (by amazing signs like Diet Doctor's ever-growing membership numbers) to keep trying. My latest attempt at outreach is this animated short. We know some things about what gets shared online-short gets shared-funny gets shared-video gets shared.

So please share this (hopefully amusing) attempt at a short video to start a conversation with mainstream eaters. Go ahead and send a link to all the mothers in your life who could use a little low-carb inspiration. Together, let's start a few million conversations.

- Jennifer Calihan

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