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Eat Food and Have Fun: Easy Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer!

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
Eat Food and Have Fun: Easy Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer!

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Enjoying food with friends is always fun, but if you’re following a healthy eating plan it’s easy to want to isolate yourself to avoid temptation.  But it doesn’t have to be the case at all, there are ways you can stick to your goals while enjoying delicious dishes with those you care about. Here are some ideas!

Look into healthy picnic options

When the sun is shining, there’s nothing better than packing up the car with some supplies and heading out for a day of fun- whether it’s to a park, a beach, a theme park or a cute town to stroll around. Taking a picnic allows you to save money and you’ll also be able to make healthier choices. It doesn’t have to be boring either, there are loads of healthy yet tasty picnic ideas online. From scotch eggs using chicken sausages and wholemeal breadcrumbs to interesting flavourful sandwich ideas to low fat puddings and more. You of course have things like pasta and rice salads and things that you can make light versions of very easily. Check out sites like Pinterest and see what you can put together. It’s well worth investing in a good picnic set and a cool bag or box with some ice packs. You’ll only need to buy these things once and can use them over and over each year.

Check the menu before eating out

Do you enjoy sitting outside to eat lunch in a pub garden on a warm afternoon, or lunch in the evenings that stretch on and on in mid summer? Take a look at the menu before deciding on the cafe or restaurant you want to go with, and see what lighter options they have. This can help you make the best choices without going overboard. Lots of places offer ‘under X calories’ sections or ‘lighter bites.’ Perfect when you still want to go out and enjoy yourself with friends but don’t want to completely ruin your healthy eating plan. Online menus have tons of information these days, so you can work out if the meals suit your dietary needs. No longer to those with allergies or intolerances have to stay home and cook! If you suspect you have any issues, check out a review of food sensitivity testing and see if it’s right for you.

Keep your barbeque lower in fat

Barbeques are always crowd pleasers when the weather is warm. While they can be quite indulgent with things like burgers, sausages and lamb kebabs, it’s so easy to make them lighter too. Bash out chicken breasts to flatten them (it makes them easier to cook) and marinate in some tasty herbs and spices, and you have a high protein, low fat chicken burger with all of the charred and smokey taste from the coals. Make some skewers using lean meat, like chicken or turkey, along with some mushrooms, peppers and onions. Lots of veggies work great on the grill too, and serve everything with some tasty salads to get your veg count up. Even if you want more traditional options, you could go with lower fat burgers and sausages- they’re just as nice when they’re cooked on the grill.

What are some ways you can have a healthy summer?!

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