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Earthen Skincare Instant Peel Exfoliant Review #InstantPeel

By Apoorva @perksofbeauty

About the Product:
InstantPeel does just what the name implies: it peels off dead skin cells revealing baby-soft skin.
Naturally glowing skin - Clinical results show highly significant improvement in skin's radiance following a single application.
Dramatically improved skin texture - Studies show InstantPeel's natural skin peel action significantly decreases flakiness.

Created as a natural alternative to glycolic acid peels and dermabrasion, InstantPeel's combination of proteins and enzymes naturally and gently peels away dead skin cells impurities. But unlike most chemical skin peels and facial scrubs, InstantPeelTM is sensitization-tested and proven safe for even the most delicate skin.

The proof is right at your fingertips: InstantPeel is so easy to use. The skin peel action starts within seconds of application.
InstantPeel works best when used in the shower. Let your face steam for five minutes so that skin is moist and supple.
Open the InstantPeel packet and squeeze a small amount at a time onto your fingertips. As you massage InstantPeel onto your face and neck, individual peels of dead skin will emerge. There's no need to rub, as with facial scrubs, and there's no irritation or burning so often associated with glycolic acid peels, chemical skin peels or dermabrasion.
Continue to massage in InstantPeel until the dead skin peeling ceases. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. In just 7 minutes, you've revealed your skin's natural vibrancy and youthful glow.

Price: $50 you can buy on their website -

Instant Peel exfoliator works on the outer layers of the skin. It works best when you use it after a shower or you may have to get steam before using this product. I do not own a face steamer so I usually prefer using it while in the shower or just after it. The Earthen InstantPeel has a thick liquid consistency and smells like some kind of my childhood toothpaste(sweet minty kind of scent).
When you take a shower, the pores gets opened up and it is when you get the maximum benefit from the skincare products. So, when you use the instant peel as the usual scrub, the liquid-like consistency will soon turn to solid bits like pieces and you can literally see the dead skin come off. I do the massage for at least 5 minutes and I wash it off with some lukewarm water and then I use a mild cleanser if any bits left on the skin. You can notice that your skin looks bright, radiant and so very soft to touch.
It does dry out the skin a bit so it is not advisable to use on a daily basis. I have dry combination skin, so, I use it once a week. But you can certainly use it twice or more if you have oily skin.

Overall, I can totally say that Earthen Instant Peel is my holy grail exfoliator. The best scrub to get rid off dead skin.

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