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EA Sports Pulls Patrick Kane from NHL ‘16 Video Game Cover Amid Police Investigation

Posted on the 13 August 2015 by Real Talk @talkrealdebate2012

Electronic Sports has decided to remove the image of star Chicago Blackhawks hockey player, Patrick Kane, from the upcoming video game ahead of its September 15th release. An investigation is underway as to whether Kane sexually abused a woman while visiting his hometown of Hamburg, New York in early August. The NHL as well as Blackhawks owner, Rocky Wirtz, have only stated they are aware of the investigation and will continue to monitor the situation.

The cover of the video game initially featured teammate Jonathan Toews and Kane. Toews will now alone be featured on the cover. EA Sports states: “In light of the ongoing investigation involving Patrick Kane, he will no longer be a spokesperson for the launch of EA Sports NHL 16…He will not appear on the EA Sports NHL 16 cover, nor participate in other promotional activities.” EA sports had previously never pulled a cover from an unreleased game.

The investigation has led to fierce and polarizing debate amongst fans. Many have accused the woman of being a gold-digger and a liar. They remain resolute in their support of the hockey star, despite the real possibility and probability a crime did indeed occur at Kane’s residence. Conversely, others have stated that despite the validity of the accusation and the subsequent outcome, Kane’s reputation will forever be tarnished.

We live in a society where victims of sexual assault are chastised and ostracized without due process simply because of society’s impression of the accused. It is unfortunate that the victim is not provided the same support as the accused athlete/celebrity. With that said, I think we should reserve judgment until either more concrete evidence is released or until the investigation is complete. We do after all presume innocence until guilt is proven.

I’d also like to point out that even if this woman planned on engaging in sexual activities with the accused in a pre-meditated fashion to garner a payout it is irrelevant if she legitimately told Kane to stop engaging in sex and he did not comply. If this proves to be the case then this is an example of sexual assault and Kane should be prosecuted, convicted and punished according to the statutes of New York law.

Patrick Kane fans (as a Chicago Blackhawks fan I am included as well) should understand that Kane can be one of the best hockey players in the world. He can be a great guy, etc. Good people however can do bad things. I don’t know if he did. Right now only two people know the answer. As I said earlier, we should wait until we learn more before we judge Kane and more importantly before we judge the ““victim”.”

What do you think?

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