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Dziwaczne Odkrycia: Dating Ideas in Gdańsk, Poland

By Northernirishmaninpoland

You might have read how I first lived in Gdańsk when life took me to relocate to Poland. I have been almost exclusively single since splitting up with my longer term girlfriend Panny Yu in late 2015. Panny and I parted ways, and since then I have dated three ladies, who were all Polish. These girls have featured before on here – Ola, Monika and Ania, as you know I am very open and honest blogger and have no issues sharing my honest and real stories on here, including other people’s dishonesty being exposed. But when dating these ladies, I needed to be inventive and creative, as just going down the bar or cafe can be boring, so here are my top 3 ideas for adult dating in Gdańsk. I have actually shared a few more ideas on these pages too, on my projects for Culture Trip:

1.Dining Out at Gdańsk’s Oldest Restaurant – Kubicki

There could have been nothing more romantic than a date out in the oldest restaurant in Gdańsk. The restaurant is called Kubicki and has survived the Second World War, the era of Communist Rule, the Solidarnosc times and it has been serving delicious Polish cuisine for 100 years. I headed here on a charming walk with the then presumed honest friend and fellow date, Ola Aleksandra Mueller. We chose some great food from the well designed menu. Here I ate pierogi and Ola had a crayfish soup. The date itself was actually pretty good and Ola even decided to kiss me fully on the lips afterwards, I still have no idea why she did that.

Wartka 5, Gdańsk, Poland, +48 58 301 00 50

Dziwaczne Odkrycia: Dating Ideas in Gdańsk, Poland

Dating the dishonest lady Aleksandra Mueller in Gdańsk’s Kubicki Restaurant

It’s a perfect spot for the date or just a night out with a friend. The venue is cosy with huge fancy seats! It was sad that after this date and night out, however, as Ola chose to be very nasty to me, telling numerous lies (for what reason, who knows???) before I had to block her from Facebook about 6 weeks later after she claimed she would give me travel tips from her town, photos from Poznan and claiming we were “friends”! Yes she is the same girl that also said she would help me learn Polish before her nasty lies sent me into deep depression and almost suicide. One day, Ola will know what she did wrong to a “friend” – her words remember, not mine. I don’t keep friends with liars, unless they later admit it and apologise. Please admit your lies and apologise, you nasty “friend”.

Dziwaczne Odkrycia: Dating Ideas in Gdańsk, Poland

Dining out at Kubicki, Gdansk’s Oldest Restaurant with the dishonest Ola Mueller

2.Drinking Polish craft beer in a “wardrobe cafe”

While based in Gdańsk, I also loved going to the trendy Cafe Szafa, which translates as wardrobe cafe! On the walls are odd mirrors, all around crazy colours, random items like upside down bicycles, skeletons etc. They have Polish lager on tap and a great range of Polish craft beer in bottles. This makes for a very romantic and cosy date option. You can hide yourself away in the nooks and crannies and get up to no good. It could be more than a kiss, you can definitely find room for some fondling and getting closer.

Podmurze 2, Gdańsk, Poland, +48 512 853 681

Cafe Szafa, Gdansk

Cafe Szafa, Gdansk

3. Go for a local Polish food tour

In 2016 when I arrived in Gdańsk, I also went on a food tour “with Ola” to Gdynia with Eat Polska. However on that occasion I really dated alone! The reason is that Ola didn’t say no to the date, she just told lies instead, making up fake stories instead of a straight “thanks for the invite, I don’t want to go”. Her lies were nasty and horrible at the time and I will never ever trust any travel “friend” again because of her. This tour kicked off at the train station in Gdynia and we ate so much delicious Polish food over a 4 hour period in what was my first ever visit to gorgeous Gdynia.

Plac Konstytucji, Gdynia, Poland

Smaczne Środy: Food Tour in Gdynia with Eat Polska

Smaczne Środy: Food Tour in Gdynia with Eat Polska

So as you can tell I enjoyed a bit of fun dating, no strings attached, especially with delicious ladies down the years, however the best dates and nights out are always with honest ladies. If you’re dishonest, you’re a disgrace and a real shame. This is why I valued Monika so much more than Ola Aleksandra Mueller or Ania. Those two lied and Monika remained pure and honest and was a good date. The door is always open for apologies as I am human and I know how bad lies is and how depression and suicide can happen so quickly. A final photo from one of my great nights out with Monika.

Piątkowe Picie: Monika and I on a Night Out at Browar Kociewski, Starogard Gdański

Piątkowe Picie: Monika and I on a Night Out at Browar Kociewski, Starogard Gdański

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