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Duchess Kate Wants to Keep George Away from ‘the Spoiled Offspring of Oligarchs’

Posted on the 06 April 2017 by Sumithardia

We’re still talking about Prince William and Duchess Kate’s choice to send Prince George to a less conservative primary school. Many thought they would send George to Wetherby, which is where William and Harry were educated in London. Instead, George will be heading to Thomas’s School in Battersea, at a cost of about $8000 per semester, which apparently is $24,000 a year (for three semesters a year). For primary school! That’s crazy to me, although as compared to other private schools for the rich and famous, it’s probably a relative bargain. Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl says that Kate was “apparently keen” for George to attend a coed school, so that Charlotte would be able to join him in a few years. Nicholl says that Kate intends to join the other “yummy mummies” at the drop-offs and pick-ups as often as she can too. But why Thomas’s School specifically? The Daily Mail’s Girl About Town knows:
The Duchess of Cambridge has opted to send Prince George to a school four miles from Kensington Palace to keep him away from the spoiled offspring of oligarchs and rock stars, I’m told. George is due to attend Thomas’s in Battersea, even though the school has a branch just half a mile from the Palace. But many say that life for a pupil at Battersea is much more ‘hippy-dippy’, which is why Kate has decided to send her son there.
One ex-pupil remembers being given a merit for reciting a line from Monty Python – in Latin – aged ten. And another recounts a much-loved teacher napping in his car at lunch.
Staff dish out kooky golden unicorn stickers instead of the usual gold stars, to reward pupils for tying their shoelaces. The mythical creatures will already be familiar to George – they adorn the gates of KP.
[From The Daily Mail]
I wonder if this was a fight between Kate and William? Because that seems like a statement against the way William was raised, in which he was surrounded by the children of the incredibly rich, the aristocrats, and the leaders of the nation. It’s like Kate is saying to William: I don’t want George to turn out as stuffy and posh as you. Then again, I wonder if William even cares or thought about it too hard. Anyway, as I said, I don’t really have an issue with George attending a school full of kids who come from less privileged backgrounds… although let’s be real, the kids at this school are still really privileged. But they’re privileged in the same way the Middletons are privileged – upper middle class privileged. The children of millionaires, not billionaires.

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