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Dublin Diary Day 2: Guinness Storehouse

By Turn It Inside Out @turnitinsideout
Guinness storehouse, view, skyline, dublin, tower, museum, irelandGuinness, storehouse, dublin, brewery, ingredients, beer, irish Guinness, storehouse, dublin, brewery, grain, barley, texture, close upGuinness, storehouse, brewery, dublin, quote, made of, beer, irishGuinness, storehouse, hops, plant, brewery, beer, irishGuinness, storehouse, dublin, brewery, made of, beer, irish, museum, barrelGuinness, storehouse, dublin, brewery, architecture, interior, glassGuinness, storehouse, dublin, brewery, architecture, industrial Guinness, storehouse, dublin, brewery, barrels, irish beerGuinness storehouse, dublin, brewery, outside, architecture, factoryGuinness, storehouse, test, diploma, crafting beer, irish beer, harp, logoGuinness storehouse, view, skyline, dublin, tower, museum, irelandIf you are in Dublin, you can not leave the country without a visit to the Guinness storehouse. Even if you don't like the beer it's more than worth it. While writing this blogpost I'm still impressed with this museum. It's incredible how many experience and technology you'll see while taking this tour. There are small tests you can do and they even let you craft your own Guinness which you can drink at the end of the tour while sitting and enjoying an amazing view over the Dublin sky line. Cheers!I'm showing you details shots to keep the mystery alive ;)

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