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Driving Me Crazy!!! I've Been Accused of Plagiarism. Have a Look and Be My Judge.

By Thecleverpup @TheCleverPup
Driving Me Crazy!!! I've been accused of plagiarism. Have a look and be my judge. Funny..Jovanka, an American comedienne living in Belgium, thinks I stole this content from her. Here's the blog entry she thinks I took. I am a citizen of the world and I can make my own observations. Her nasty comments to me can be found in the comments section below. Here's the 67 words that upset Jovanka
"Am I the only one to notice this? Some North Americans have turned the letter combination ST in SCHT. Instead of Strong, Strength and String people are saying Schtrong, Schtrength and Schtring. It sounds like we've either just come out of lessons at the Goethe Institute or Hitler took us over after all.

It sounds so schtupid.

Schtop it! Schtop it now or I'll have a schtroke!"

If anyone cares, I originally posted this in May of 2010.

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