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Drew Barrymore Wants You to Support the “girlboss” Hillary Clinton

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Erica Orden, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, tweeted out this email she received from actress Drew Barrymore: “The first sentence of this @HillaryClinton fundraising email from Drew Barrymore is bewildering on so many levels.”

drew barrymore email

I’d say the whole thing is bewildering, but that’s what happens when some actors go off script.


Poor Drew probably doesn’t know much about Hillary, other than she’s a great “girlboss”. Would an “empowered woman” blame her misspoken words on the “fog of war”?

Poor Drew probably doesn’t know that Hillary is “often confused,” as her staffer Huma Abedin described her in State Department emails.

Poor Drew probably doesn’t know that the “girlboss” treats Secret Service like “monsters.”

Poor Drew probably doesn’t know about Hillary’s “accomplishments”, including the fact that Hillary abandoned her own State Department staff — Ambassador Chris Stevens and Information Officer Sean Smith — and two ex-Navy SEALs to die in Benghazi.

Hillary Clinton what difference does it make

But hey – girlpower! Or something like that.

h/t Twitchy


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