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Dress up Your Legs Sex And The City Style ……

By Fashionvisuals @fashion_visuals

We have slowly come out of the winter months and we are now in a new season where the woolly jumpers are slowly getting put to the back in the wardrobe but nonetheless it is still not time to bring out the summery attire.

Here at The Fashion Visuals we are a huge fan of funky accessories in the form of bags, tights, jewelry and make-up which is why we have created this picture styled blog of Sex And The City inspired looks where you can turn heads in a quirky pair of tights from Tights Tights Tights.

Carrie Bradshaw was the leading role of SATC and she was well known for her luxury and extravagant taste in clothing, footwear and bags which is why we are taking inspiration from her. Even though SATC has ended she still remains to be one of the top fashion icons around the world and many women still re-live her closet outfits from the amazing series.

Take a look at the following fashion tights she has worn throughout the seasons of SATC. One of the reasons we are such huge fans of tights as an accessory to spruce up your outfit is because they are cheap and cheerful and they look fantastic when worn no matter what your style is.

Look 1: Add a pop of colour

Adding a pop of color is a great way to add personality to your outfit as it can bring any ordinary or simple outfit to life. Carrie Bradshaw was always one for wearing contrasting colours and patterns and here she is wearing a lace dotted dress, vibrant blue tights and a snake skin bag!

Dress up your legs Sex And The City style ……

Look 2: Add feminine lace
Lace might not be up everyone’s street but it certainly oozes femininity and sex appeal when worn on your legs. Here, Carrie has taken a trip down memory lane in a 80s inspired outfit which might not be to everyone’s taste but she certainly looks fabulous with her lace footless tights, rocker belt and cuffs and killer heels!

Dress up your legs Sex And The City style ……

Look 3: Add contrasting pattern

As mentioned before, Carrie is a huge fan of contrasting materials which is why wearing patterned tights or knee-high socks are an excellent way to add plenty of color and punky chic to an item of clothing such as a polka dot dress. This photo was taken from the SATC movie and we think she looks very casual/glamorous with her over-sized tee, knee high patterned socks and of course, killer heels!

Tights - Patterned

Look 3:  Add skylines to your pins
As we all know SATC is based in NYC and we don’t know any woman who wouldn’t love to visit there for a shopping spree. Here, Carrie is wearing an outrageously beautiful black and white, Christian Dior gown but without tights. We have found a fabulous pair of black and white tights in a skyline theme which will all you to walk with the city at your feet everyday!

Tights - Black and White
Take a sneak peek at, Carrie Bradshaws wardrobe from the SATC movie … this video is the exciting extended version which features all the girls!

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