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Dress-up Jane Austen: Discover History Through Fashion. Win a Copy!

By Mariagrazia @SMaryG
DRESS-UP JANE AUSTEN: DISCOVER HISTORY THROUGH FASHION.  WIN A COPY!Think you know your morning dresses from your riding habits? Whether it’s dancing the night away or preparing for a winter walk are you sure you know what it is the best outfit to wear? Have a close look at the costumes contained in Dress- up Jane Austen and you'll find wonderful suggestions. 

And what about discovering Jane Austen’s Regency era through fashion! Aren't you curious to know more about such a fascinating time? Thanks to Dress-up Jane Austen you'll get to find out unusual details, how a Regency bride and groom dressed for their wedding  or why everyone used to wear hats, for instance.  What is Dress-up Jane Austen?
It is a beautifully illustrated activity book. Written by Catherine Bruzzone and illustrated by Hennie Haworth, it is part of a series,  Fashion Paper Dolls,  and it's all about discovering the history of the Regency Era through the fashions of the time. It provides a healthy dose of nostalgic paper dolls fun and interesting information.  Whilst the series of books is meant for children, leafing through its lovely pages,  I'm sure that adults, especially Jane Austen fans,  might enjoy the level of detail in the drawings, too.
Why I like it so much
-  its detailed illustrations transport the reader-  it has fact pages that educate and inspire-  it offers unusual topics-  it brings the Regency era to life with detailed, cut-out historical costumes-  you can  read about the history behind the oufits in the separate, educational non-fiction section -  it appeals to a wide range of ages and, especially,  the dedicated Jane Austen fan base
What can you do with it?- Very plainly, you can cut out the fourteen colourful costumes, for both women and men, then dress up the two dolls to explore the fashions of Jane Austen’s day.

- If you are fond of blogging or interacting with other Janeites in facebook groups or social networks, you may use your very well dressed paper dolls to create original picture posts. They will be your models! - You may even create other basic dolls and dress them all with the 14 costumes included in the book. Then you may stick them all to a board,  decorate it according to your own fancy and taste,   and finally display it in your own very special Austen corner. You don't have one yet? You can start it  then once you've created  your brand new Regengy Fashion Board- What else? You may buy it and give it as a very original and unique gift to a Janeite friend or a resourceful and creative kid. - Of course, you can use it with your own kids to stimulate their creativity and teach them about the Regency Era or simply keep them busy.- Last but not least, you can use the sketches in the book as an inspiration in order to design your next awesome Regency costumes for  masked balls or dress - up parties. It may be a costume for yourself or your kids.  DRESS-UP JANE AUSTEN: DISCOVER HISTORY THROUGH FASHION.  WIN A COPY!PRE-ORDERS WILL BE SENT ON 1 SEPTEMBER (CLICK HERE)
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